What is the VCC Leadership Coaching Certificate?

The VCC leadership coaching certificate positions graduates for dynamic career advancement and helps them learn how to maximize their leadership skills and knowledge. Obtaining a leadership coaching certificate through VCC (Vancouver Community College) can help you enter the business world one step ahead of the competition. What is the Leadership Coaching? In every field where performance is valued, coaching can help. Leadership coaching can create a partnership between the coach and the … [Read more...]

The Benefits of a Career Coach Conference

Wondering about attending a career coach conference? Wondering if it is worth the time and money? Well, here's a little information that just might help you decide whether to attend a career coach conference or save the money for something else. What is a Coach Conference? Coaching conferences are just like any other industry conferences. They are a great place for experts, and speakers to share inspiring ideas, and to learn about new concepts in their industry. A coaching conference is … [Read more...]

Whole Life Coaching is For the Whole Person

Whole life coaching is coaching for the whole person – it encompasses all aspects of an individual’s life. It is for the client seeking growth, excellence, and high performance. It is for clients seeking fundamental changes in their lives. Whole life coaching is for the client seeking to become greater than the sum of their parts – to be the best whole person they can be. Life coaching is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make progress in your life. Life coaching doesn’t … [Read more...]

What Qualifications Do You Need to be a Coaching Expert?

What qualifications do you need to become a coaching expert? Well it's a long road to the top, and any time you are considered an expert, it means you are at or very near the top. What qualifications do you need to get to the top of the coaching mountain? The qualifications are both simple and complex, common and rare, easy to understand yet difficult to find in large measure. What Qualifications Do You Need to be a Coaching Expert? If you are asking the question: What qualifications do … [Read more...]

What is Psychological Coaching?

What is psychological coaching? Is it the merger of psychology with coaching? Or is it some unique specialty within the coaching industry? Psychological coaching is really nothing different than what most coaches already do. In the Psychology of Executive Coaching: Theory and Application, Bruce Peltier summed up the work of a coach - to help uncover unconscious psychological processes and bring them to the surface. The coach then helps produce an awareness of any hidden defense mechanisms … [Read more...]

Achieving the Million Dollar Coach Intensive Dream

The Difference Between Wealth Coaches and Financial Advisers

Wealth coaches are not financial advisers – let me get that out of the way first. The guy who manages your brokerage account is not a financial coach and the person who answers the phone when you call your discount stock broker is definitely not a wealth coach. A Wealth Coach Does Not Give Financial Advice Well, this statement isn't exactly true. A financial coach is actually a source of unending financial advice, it is just a bit different than the advice you receive from a broker or a … [Read more...]

What is X Factor Executive Coaching?

X Factor Executive Coaching – sounds like a mysterious, underground secret organization of super executives...right? Well, it's not secret, but it can certainly help create super executives. What is X Factor Executive Coaching? X Factor Executive Coaching is one of the leading executive coaching companies in the country. They offer various services for corporations, including: • One-on-one executive coaching • Senior level workshops • CEO leadership forums • Customized employee and … [Read more...]

Meet Your New Personal Trainer – the Virtual Fitness Coach

Is the virtual fitness coach taking over the fitness industry? Is virtual fitness coaching the next big trend in the fitness world? Well – no and yes. Fitness Classes are Going Online The trend in the fitness industry is online. More and more fitness clubs are offering online services with virtual fitness instructors. It probably isn't a takeover of the fitness industry but it is certainly becoming a trend. Convenience has influenced almost every industry and the digital age will … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Identify the Best Training to be a Relationship Coach

The coaching industry is booming and relationship coaching is growing by leaps and bounds – so how to you identify the best training to be a relationship coach? There are many coaching programs that advertise low cost training and many others which claim they can have you certified in a weekend. Can you really become a relationship coach in a weekend? If possible, how do you tell the junk programs from the ones that offer the best training to be a relationship coach? What is Relationship … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Becoming a Life Coach Who Achieves Fame and Fortune

Life coaching is a calling but to have a career in this calling there are certain steps to becoming a life coach that everyone must take. Training, knowledge, practice, setting up a business, and obtaining clients are the normal steps. However, if you want to be a very successful life coach, one who finds fame and fortune, or at least a little recognition and a decent salary, there are three very important things you must learn – three steps to becoming a life coach who achieves fame and … [Read more...]