Meet Your New Personal Trainer – the Virtual Fitness Coach

Is the virtual fitness coach taking over the fitness industry? Is virtual fitness coaching the next big trend in the fitness world? Well – no and yes.

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Fitness Classes are Going Online

The trend in the fitness industry is online. More and more fitness clubs are offering online services with virtual fitness instructors. It probably isn’t a takeover of the fitness industry but it is certainly becoming a trend. Convenience has influenced almost every industry and the digital age will undoubtedly dictate a surge in online fitness classes.

Without the need for space and other overhead costs, fitness clubs and trainers can offer these virtual classes at a considerably lower price. This ability to offer a virtual fitness coach will lower prices and make fitness training more affordable for the consumer.

Will a Virtual Fitness Coach Replace the Real Person in the Gym?

Does virtual fitness coaching and the rise of the virtual fitness coach signal the end for the traditional personal trainer or gym fitness class?

It is doubtful that health clubs will disappear. People will always enjoy the energy of a fitness class in a club and will benefit from the personal instructions and corrections of a fitness trainer. People like to sweat and suffer in the company of others. Misery and getting in shape love company!

What Will the Virtual World Will do for Fitness Coaches?

This new trend in the industry bodes well for anyone in the fitness training business. Having a demand for online fitness trainers opens up new opportunities for personal trainers and health clubs. More people can be reached and more money can be made!

There will be challenges for fitness coaches who transition into the virtual fitness world. Filming a class requires equipment and a basic understanding of the technology needed. Filming a class is also more challenging than giving a class live.

How Will Virtual Coaching Benefit Consumers?

The consumer will benefit as the industry grows and matures. The cost of a virtual session is usually the same or less than the cost of a live session. More competition means higher quality classes. More exposure and competition means more quality choices for anyone looking to get in shape with the most convenience and for the lowest cost.

A virtual fitness coach can still offer the same level of service. They can offer discounted packages based on frequency or for signing up for a specified period of time. They can create personalized exercise and nutrition plans. Virtual coaches can also offer email support in between sessions without any additional cost.

The online fitness coach may not completely replace the traditional club or personal trainer. But, virtual fitness coaching is a growing segment of the health and wellness industry which is opening up new possibilities for anyone who wants to reach more clients and make more income as a personal fitness trainer.

If you are interested in fitness and exercise, don’t just think about becoming a personal trainer, think about becoming a virtual fitness coach. More and more people are looking online for help with their fitness needs. If you aren’t online – they won’t be able to find you!

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  1. Kazee says

    I still think that I would prefer exercising in a gym and having my own personal fitness instructor who will show me how to exercise properly but I also think that the virtual fitness coach is a good idea for those who have a busy schedule and a tight budget. Exercising in the comfort of your own home at a time very convenient for you is always good.

  2. Marlon says

    I think that the virtual fitness coach is a great new idea for those who want to lose weight and exercise but don’t want to have the hassle of going out and finding a gym nearby. Great idea for those who want to live healthy but not spend a huge amount on gym memberships.

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