6 Ways to Identify the Best Training to be a Relationship Coach

The coaching industry is booming and relationship coaching is growing by leaps and bounds – so how to you identify the best training to be a relationship coach? There are many coaching programs that advertise low cost training and many others which claim they can have you certified in a weekend.

Can you really become a relationship coach in a weekend? If possible, how do you tell the junk programs from the ones that offer the best training to be a relationship coach?

Relationship Coach

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is a specialization within the life coaching field that assists clients with finding greater fulfillment in their personal relationships. Relationships coaches can work with married or single people; they can work with people who have a partner or work with individuals who are not yet in a relationship.

Relationship coaches take people who are healthy and help make them healthier; they take people who are happy and help them find even greater happiness. Coaching may make someone happier and emotionally healthier, but it does not necessarily save marriages.

What Relationship Coaching is Not

  • • It is not psychotherapy
    • It is not couple’s therapy
    • It is not any type of therapy

6 Ways to Identify the Best Training to be a Relationship Coach

So – you want to be a relationship coach. So, you are looking for the best program to get you prepared and certified. You want to select the right program. You want to know how to identify the best training to be a relationship coach.

Here are the 6 ways to identify and help you select the best training to be a relationship coach:

  1. The best training programs offer certification. To be a meaningful certification, your training must include supervision and evaluation. You should also ensure that the training not only comes with their certification, but also meets the requirements for an ICF (International Coach Federation) certification.
  2. The best training programs teaches coaching. Huh? Isn’t that why I am taking a coaching program to learn coaching? Some training programs only teach you about coaching; they do not provide you with core competencies and skills to actually be a coach.
  3. The best programs teach the business of coaching. Yes, there is more to owning a coaching practice than coaching. You must also be able to operate a business – administration, accounting, and marketing. Without this knowledge, you will probably not become a success in the coaching industry.
  4. The best coaching programs provide mentoring. There is no training like working with an experienced coach. This mentor can offer the tricks of the trade while they work with you on applying your newly learned skills to real-world coaching.
  5. The best training programs fit you schedule and provide follow up after you get certified. Most people who seek to become a coach are already working – they can only attend classes when it fits their schedule. Also, any good coaching program doesn’t leave you out in the cold when you need assistance or additional training.
  6. The best training programs help you get clients. The teachers should have ample experience with marketing and promotion and the program should offer training in some of the skills required to begin marketing your coaching services. Without this it will not even be close to the best training to be a relationship coaching success.

Identifying the best training to be a relationship coach will get you off to the best start in your relationship coaching career. It’s a competitive field and you want to have an advantage when you begin competing for clients.

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  1. says

    Good to know. It is so easy to get suckered into a program with great promises but overlook the stuff that really matters, like help to get clients! I’ve been thinking about enrolling in a relationship coaching program for a while, and I think this may be the year I do it.

  2. Katrina says

    Thanks for the advice. There are so many programs and training offered and it is so easy to pick the one that does not give justice to your money. Knowing what to look for in a good training program is the way to go.

  3. Kazee says

    This is a great post for all those aspiring relationship coaches. Knowing what to look for in a training program is important as this will be your foundation in becoming the best coach you can be.

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