Achieving the Million Dollar Coach Intensive Dream

The Difference Between Wealth Coaches and Financial Advisers

Wealth coaches are not financial advisers – let me get that out of the way first. The guy who manages your brokerage account is not a financial coach and the person who answers the phone when you call your discount stock broker is definitely not a wealth coach. A Wealth Coach Does Not Give Financial Advice Well, this statement isn't exactly true. A financial coach is actually a source of unending financial advice, it is just a bit different than the advice you receive from a broker or a … [Read more...]

Wealth Coaches Really Do Have More Fun!

It is the topic of wealth that helps wealth coaches have more fun. This is because wealth coaching involves helping people achieve and deal with wealth. It is not the same as being a financial coach, and the difference is more than just semantics. Be Smart and Take a Lesson from a Friend of Mine I have a friend who is a PhD-level psychologist. I won’t go into the details except to say that he is extraordinarily well credentialed. Basically, within the field of psychology, he can work with … [Read more...]

Do Wealth Coaches Need to be Wealthy?

Wealth coaches are a growing segment of the coaching industry. As money gets tight, economic problems persist, and unemployment or under-employment continues to be an issue, the need for people to properly manage their finances is paramount. Wealth coaches can help their clients learn techniques, skills, and methods to budget their funds, spend their money wisely, and invest their money correctly. Do Wealth Coaches Need to be Wealthy? If you are a wealthy wealth coach, it serves as a good … [Read more...]