6 Tips to Coaching the Uncoachable

Perhaps you don't want any tips to coaching the uncoachable; perhaps you would prefer they just go away. However, most coaches are persistent and enjoy the challenge. Besides, they also enjoy the income that comes in when they finally figure out how to coach the uncoachable. Like it or not – a sometimes neglected segment of the market are people who want coaching but don't want coaching. Make sense? However, if you neglect them, you will be neglecting the money they want to spend on … [Read more...]

Writing and Finding Articles About Career Coaching

Where can you find articles about career coaching? Take a look on the Internet by doing a Google search - you'll find plenty of information and articles about career coaching. Career Coaching on JTS Advisors You'll find some great articles on career coaching right here on the blog for JTS Advisors. There are plenty of informative articles about all aspects of the coaching industry. The articles are usually well-written, easy-to-read and provide basic information about a topic. There is a … [Read more...]

400+ Models for Business or More

Let's use this number as a starting point – 400+ models for business creation. Do you think that there are 400+ models for businesses...or more? How about 1000+ models...or 10,000+? You've heard of infinity, right? Your Coaching Business Most coaching businesses start out with the same basic design. There couldn't possibly be 400+ models for business in the coaching industry, could there? Though coaching businesses often share some of the same qualities, they are as unique as the people … [Read more...]

Does a Wellness Health Coach Need to be Healthy and Well?

Does a wellness health coach need to be healthy and well? This might seem like a strange question – along the lines of -Who's buried in Grant's tomb? But, it is an important question to think about before you jump into the health and wellness coaching field. Coaches Should be Role Models Charles Barkley, outspoken former NBA star, once famously quipped, “I’m not a role model.” Perhaps he is right and our society shouldn't look to professional athletes as role models, but if you are going … [Read more...]

Online Nutrition Coaching Might Be the Next Big Thing

Is there any money in online nutrition coaching? Or, is it just one of the jobs that sound good, but lack viability and financial reward? What is Online Nutrition Coaching? Nutrition coaching is all about getting individuals to understand the importance of good nutrition in living a healthy life. It is all about getting people to alter their behaviors to allow a nutritious diet to be a part of their everyday lives. It is all about combining sensible and healthy dietary habits with an … [Read more...]

What is VIP Success Coaching?

VIP Success Coaching is a program created by Hal Elrod, an author and coach who wants to help transform your life. Mr. Elrod is a keynote speaker and coach who founded VIP Success Coaching to reach more people than he could through his one-one-one coaching business. What is Success Coaching? Success coaching is valuable to all individuals seeking to make improvements in their personal or professional lives. Whether you want to drop a few extra pounds, find your dream career, learn how to … [Read more...]

The University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit

The University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit is the world's first university-based coaching psychology unit. The world is changing, and individuals all over the world are discovering the importance of coaching. The University of Sydney is helping students enter this dynamic field. If you live in Australia, this is something worth considering. If you live in Europe or the United States, wouldn't it be nice to spend a year in beautiful Australia studying something that will help you on … [Read more...]

You Can’t Separate the Business and Practice of Coaching

The business and practice of coaching go hand in hand. One feeds the other. They have a symbiotic relationship: without the success of one, both will probably die. Building and maintaining a successful coaching business is a real challenge. Unfortunately, many coaches are unable to earn a livable income in pursuit of their entrepreneurial dream. Competition is tough, but the knowledge needed to run a business is often lacking. You Must Know Both The Business and Practice of Coaching The … [Read more...]