Writing and Finding Articles About Career Coaching

Where can you find articles about career coaching? Take a look on the Internet by doing a Google search – you’ll find plenty of information and articles about career coaching.

Career Coaching on JTS Advisors

You’ll find some great articles on career coaching right here on the blog for JTS Advisors. There are plenty of informative articles about all aspects of the coaching industry. The articles are usually well-written, easy-to-read and provide basic information about a topic. There is a wealth of information to help you decide whether you need to use the services of a coach, or whether you have what it takes to become a coach.

More Articles About Career Coaching

Whether you are a career coach or someone thinking about becoming a career coach, or an individual looking for coaching tips on finding and obtaining the most rewarding career, there are plenty of useful articles for you all over the Internet.

Pinterest to Spark Your Interest

Have you checked out the social media site, Pinterest? Most people think of it as a light social networking site where women share tips about recipes and scrapbooking. However, there is so much to explore on Pinterest – even if you are seeking information about careers and career coaching.

Here are a few examples of the tips, articles, and infographics you might find on Pinterest:

  • What to Expect on Your Journey to Becoming a CEO
  • 5 Things to Bring With You to a Job Interview
  • Women CEOs – Myths and Messages From the Top
  • 3 Common Job Search Strategies That Don’t Work
  • What it Takes to Land the Job You Want
  • Job Interviewing 101

As you can see, there is plenty of valuable information for someone in the midst of changing or building a career. Career coaches can also go to Pinterest or other social media sites like Facebook to gather new information, find out what people are reading, or to promote their own practice.

Writing More Articles About Career Coaching

If you are already a career coach, you just might want to consider writing an article about career coaching. It’s not that difficult, even if you have never written anything before. Article marketing, though it has gone through many transformations in recent years, remains one of the most effective ways to get your name out to the world.

How do you write an article? Select a topic that you feel might be valuable to potential clients and start writing!

It is important to effectively use keywords – words or phrases that will help your article get noticed by search engines. There is plenty of information online about how to use keywords to get your article noticed and to drive traffic to your website. You should also create a catchy title, and write with a free-flowing and informal tone (though make sure to check for grammar and spelling mistakes).

These articles can be placed all across the Internet – you can create your own blog or find other blogs owners who will allow you to post guest articles. You can also write mini-articles and post them on forums.

Building an email list from your clients or potential clients is a great way to pump up the volume on your coaching practice. You can use this list to send out a weekly email newsletter containing one of your articles.

Every article should have something of value for the reader. People like free things, but they will remember you if they derive some value from your articles and free information. Don’t just say career coaching is good, tell the reader why it is good and how it can help them! Don’t just say that career coaching is a good career; offer them a few insights into beginning a career in coaching.

Your Career Coaching Articles are Needed

You might think that there are plenty of articles about career coaching (or any type of coaching) on the Internet, but there is a constant need for fresh and compelling content. If you are a career coach trying to make a name in the business, writing articles about career coaching is one way to create your brand and get noticed!

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    Reading new articles on career coaching is always a good idea. Learning about new trands and how this niche is progressing is very helpful for those who are considering to become a coach. Very helpful post.

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    Thank you for sharing this truly great post. Very valuable information that can help me and so many others aspiring to become career coaches.

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