YWCA Life Skills Coaching

The primary function of YWCA Life Skills coaching is to help participants develop and use balanced self-determined behavior. This type of behavior occurs when one makes a conscious choice by considering the situation, personal needs, the needs of others, and the potential consequences of that choice. As a coach, you understand how important behavior modification is to your success. Whether you are a life coach, wellness coach, career coach, or some other type of coach, behavior modification … [Read more...]

What Training is Required to Become a Life Coach?

What training is required to become a life coach? Basically – none. There are no requirements – anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a life coach. It's that easy! But, it really isn't that easy. What training is required to become a life coach? Nothing is required, but plenty is needed if you want to be an effective and successful life coach. It's a competitive field. Just because there are no legal requirements standing in the way of calling yourself a life coach, doesn't mean … [Read more...]

What is a Money Coach and Should You Hire One?

One of the best questions you can ask is: What is a money coach? The next question would be: Should I hire one? What is a Money Coach? A money coach offers individually designed financial plans, for businesses, individuals, or families. They can provide various services, but most offer financial analysis, planning, budgeting, and help with retirement savings. People believe life coaches can help them improve their lives and wellness coaches can improve their health. It seems logical for … [Read more...]

Your Executive Coaching Solution is a Winning Proposal

Your executive coaching solution is to write an effective and engaging proposal to potential clients that will reel them in like the catch of the day. That's the solution, so what's the problem? The problem is, like any business, getting enough clients to survive and eventually prosper. If you work for a human resources consulting company or a coaching firm, you don't need this information – you don't need an executive coaching solution. You do not have to think about developing proposals to … [Read more...]

What is an Online Fitness Coach?

The question: What is an online fitness coach? The short and obvious answer: It is a fitness coach who helps clients online. The question: What is an online fitness coach? The long answer below will help you decide whether this is a career path you want to take. First, let's answer the question: What is a coach? A coach can be an independent business owner or an employee of a company. A coach is 100% responsible for his or her own success. Their success is a direct reflection of … [Read more...]

6 Steps to Effective Adult Career Counseling

Adult career counseling is for those who hate their job, lost their job, or just want a much better job. In these difficult economic times, adult career counseling can be a foundation of your career coaching business. For this article, adult career counseling will refer to counseling for those who have already been in the job market for a time, not for recent high school or college graduates. With the employment and hiring chaos that exists in today's world, there is a huge target market for … [Read more...]

10xBusiness Coaching is Better than 2X Business Coaching

What do I mean by 10x business coaching? Does it mean 10 times the work? Perhaps 10 times the profit. Wouldn't that be nice? As a business coach, you are working hard to get your clients to reach their goals and dreams. Whether you are working with small business owners, people who desire to become entrepreneurs, or corporate executives, you are helping them improve and achieve. One of the first things you do is help them identify their goals. Think of this – what if you help them identify … [Read more...]

What is Health Coaching and What Does a Health Coach Do?

What is health coaching? What is any type of coaching? If you are going to be a coach, it may help to define your occupation so you can better understand what is needed to be a successful coach. What is Health Coaching and What is a Health Coach? Myles Downey, one of Europe's foremost business coaches and author of many books, defines coaching as, “ the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another.” The health coach would then facilitate the performance, … [Read more...]