What Training is Required to Become a Life Coach?

What training is required to become a life coach? Basically – none. There are no requirements – anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a life coach. It’s that easy!

But, it really isn’t that easy. What training is required to become a life coach? Nothing is required, but plenty is needed if you want to be an effective and successful life coach. It’s a competitive field. Just because there are no legal requirements standing in the way of calling yourself a life coach, doesn’t mean you are ready to be a coach.

What Training is Required to become a Life Coach? None, But…

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is one of the leading coach credentialing organizations in the world. While it is not legally required for a coach to be credentialed by the ICF, or any other organization, it is generally a sign of achievement and proper training to have a certificate from a program recognized by the ICF or other credentialing agency.

If you are wondering what training is required to become a life coaching professional, you may also be wondering about any educational requirements. Once again, the answer is none. There are no specific courses needed or a level of education required to become a life coach. There are some degrees that may help – social work, psychology, sociology, counseling – but none are required.

When people are seeking a life coach, certificates, degrees, licenses, and whatever special psychological training someone may have had, really doesn’t matter. People often go by instinct when choosing a life coach. If it seems like a coach can provide the outcomes they are seeking, they will sign up!

Just Because Training Isn’t Required

But, just because it doesn’t matter what degrees you have when clients are selecting a life coach, it still may matter what training you have. Not required, but needed for you to become a good coach. You may have the empathy, the work ethic, and the passion for coaching, but having some learned skills and knowledge is essential when working with clients.

What Training is Required to Become a Life Coach/ None…But Plenty

What training is required to become a life coach who calls themselves a life coach? None. But, if you want to become a life coach who truly helps each and every client reach their goals and live their dreams, the right training is needed. The right training includes college (if possible), and accredited life coaching course, and possibly some mentor coaching. Oh…and don’t forget experience.

Your chances of making an impact with your clients and making a living in the life coaching field are much greater if you have the right training. Coach specific training is an invaluable resource when working with clients who expect you to help them find solutions and outcomes.

So, the quick and easy answer is NO to the question: What training is required to become a life coach?
The down and dirty answer is to get as much accredited training as possible. The training should be intense, targeted, and comprehensive. Good training may be the difference between becoming a success coaching entrepreneur or working a boring, dead-end job pushing papers around a desk!

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  1. says

    Excellent post! The process of hiring any sort of Life Coach, means making a good effort to take your time and make careful, informed choices. When it’s something this important, it’s so worth it to ensure that you spend your effort and money on hiring someone with training and accreditation!

  2. Karen says

    Almost anyone can call himself a life coach but to be a truly effective and credible life coach it isn’t that easy. There may be no legal education and certification requirements, but it is your responsibility to undergo the necessary seminar and life coach programs to ensure you can truly help your clients.

  3. Sherill says

    Being a life coach is a great responsibility. You are committed in helping and guiding your clients to the right path in attaining their goals. If you are dedicated to doing these things then you yourself will make sure that you have the right qualifications and develop the right skills to be able to be effective in your career as a life coach.

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