10 Work Coaching Tips That Work

Need some work coaching tips? In a management position and seeking ways to coach your employees to work their hardest and get the most done for the company? Or, are you a career or executive coach seeking tips to help your clients succeed in their management positions? Great coaching, whether it is between a coach and a client, or between a manager and an employee, boils down to some basics. These work coaching tips  are the foundation for getting things done, in any environment. 10 Work … [Read more...]

Advice From Your Money Coach Network – You May Need a Money Coach

Your money coach network – which can be anything you use to obtain advice on financial issues is a great way to learn about investing, loans, budgets, expenses, and anything and everything that has to do with personal or business finances. However, your money coach network – the websites you visit, the stock brokerage you use, the friends and co-workers you talk with, the neighbor who gives you a hot stock tip, the financial adviser at your work – may not be enough for some … [Read more...]

What is Zen Executive Coaching?

What is zen executive coaching? Before you can answer that question, it is best to determine what zen means, or what is zen? Zen is more of an attitude than a belief. Zen is a place of peace that comes from being one with an entity other than yourself. That entity can be anything – for many it is a spiritual being, but for some it can be the physical world, it can be the circumstances of their life, or their career. Zen executive coaching is all about aligning your practice with the … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Channel on YouTube – My Fitness Coach

I don't know if there is such a channel on YouTube – My Fitness Coach, but there are so many videos of different exercises and fitness programs that people can use YouTube as your own personal fitness trainer. So, listen up fitness coaches, here's an idea for you – give your clients exercise, fitness, and nutrition videos on YouTube. Make your own YouTube – My Fitness Coach channel. It may be one way to get an advantage on the competition. Yes, there are thousands (millions?) of exercise … [Read more...]

What is the Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy?

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy? Glad you asked. There are actually quite a few significant differences that you should keep in mind whether you are a life coach or a client of a life coach. Want to know the answer to the question; What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?, It's merely a matter of timing. The principle difference is that life coaching is geared toward the present and future, while therapy is oriented toward the past. Life coaching … [Read more...]

Is 3 Day Life Coach Training Possible?

Is 3 day life coach training possible? Is it conceivable to become a life coach after 3 days of intensive training? Of course it is. Because the life coaching industry is unregulated, you can take three days of courses or a three day seminar, declare yourself a life coach, hang out a shingle, create a web page, and voila, you are a life coach. But, will 3 day life coach training help you become a good coach? Even if those three days of training are as intensive as possible, is it enough to … [Read more...]

Career Coach Jacksonville FL

Want to become a career coach? Jacksonville, FL may be a good location to seek out this personally and financially rewarding career. Want to be a successful career coach? Jacksonville FL is a city with good economic prospects, beautiful weather, and reasonable living costs. According to Moody's Analytics, the relative economic performance in the metro Jacksonville, Fl area has been outperforming the national average and projects to continue this trend. The economic strengths of the … [Read more...]

The 8 Keys to Business Coaching

Business coaching is all about helping your clients build and maintain a profitable business. It is about helping them discover their own inner entrepreneur by providing them with the tools and information to succeed in a very competitive world. To succeed in business, whether your client is a small one-person company or a large corporation, it takes guts, hard work, passion, and understanding the following eight keys to success. As a business coach, you can help your clients with these … [Read more...]