10 Work Coaching Tips That Work

Need some work coaching tips? In a management position and seeking ways to coach your employees to work their hardest and get the most done for the company? Or, are you a career or executive coach seeking tips to help your clients succeed in their management positions?

Great coaching, whether it is between a coach and a client, or between a manager and an employee, boils down to some basics. These work coaching tips  are the foundation for getting things done, in any environment.

10 Work Coaching Tips That Work

It’s all about relationships. You cannot coach well if you don’t take the time to build relationships. The number one work coaching tip is about relationships. Know your team or your client – their likes and dislikes, their wants and needs, and frustrations and their goals, their fears and dreams.

Motivate and inspire. If you are a coach, motivating and inspiring your clients will help them achieve results faster. As a manager, motivating and inspiring your team will improve performance and a company’s bottom line. No work coaching tips will work if there isn’t a little dash of motivation and inspiration.

Coaching people to be in the game. The workplace is similar to a playing field with rules, regulations, boundaries, and nuances. It takes talent, skill, knowledge, and hard work to succeed.

Know the ratio. In sports coaching or in team management in the corporate environment, you should be aware of the 7 to 1 rule (7:1). You should provide seven pieces of positive feedback for every one piece of negative, developmental, or teaching feedback.

Preparation is paramount. Improvisation is an important part of coaching and managing, however, success is usually the result of preparation. If you want to be a successful coach who helps your clients succeed, you must prepare for each session, like it’s the championship game.

Be clear and concise. How can you expect clients to learn from you or team members to follow your instructions or guidelines if you do not present your ideas in a clear and concise manner? Be clear about your expectation, your goals, and any problems or issues you have.

Give performance feedback. Don’t be afraid to state what you observe. Be specific and provide suggestions. If you are a coach, your clients are paying to hear your observations. If you are a manager, the success of your company depends on your observational skills and the power to convey what you see to those who can make changes.

Set goals. As a manager, goals should be an integral part of your management style. Goals give employees and team members a specific and attainable objective. As a coach, it is crucial that you and your clients create reachable goals that can be measured and assessed.

Assess and Measure. Managers and executive have ways to measure success – sales figures, profit, etc. Coaches also need to measure their performance. Coaches can measure their clients’ success through external indicators like the achievement of goals, promotions at work, or increased income. They can also measure through internal indicators such as improved self awareness, more positive perspectives, and increased confidence.

Never stop learning. Here’s one of the most important work coaching tips – you will never know it all! Never. But, you must always keep pursuing knowledge, whether you are a coach or an executive. As a coach, your education is never finished. There is always something new to learn so you are better able to help your clients.

Keep these work coaching tips in mind and you will become a better coach or a better manager, or both!

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  1. Marlon says

    Great coaching tips, especially like the one that says build relationships with your clients. I truly believe in this one because we all need trust before we can believe in what the person says and follow his advice. Great share, loved reading it!

  2. Katrina says

    Great coaching tips that every coach and manager should follow if they want to be the best in their field. If you just follow these tips you can rest assure that you will be able to make a difference in this world!

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