3 Reasons People Don’t Change: Can Life Coaching Help?

Life coaching may not be the first recourse for someone who wants to make changes in his life, but it may be the best. People usually don't know why they are unable to change or make progress but they tend to get stuck where they are, and stuck in their stories about why they can't change. That's where you come in. As a coach, you are often their best bet, not just to work through what's stopping them but to get them into action. 3 Reasons People Don't Change 1. Change requires someone to … [Read more...]

The Biggest Danger To Your Life Coaching Business During The Holidays

Most people think that January is the best time of year in the life coaching business. People have made New Years’ resolutions and are ready to make changes in their lives. Unfortunately, most coaches don’t find new business knocking down their doors in January. In fact, many coaches find that their coaching businesses are a bit slow for the first few months of the year. The Top 3 Life Coaching Business Threats 1. ‘Tis the season for certainty. Certainty is one of the four basic survival … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business Lessons: A Twist On ‘The Tortoise And The Hare’

There are two types of life coaching business owners. One is like the tortoise in the classic children’s story, “The Tortoise and The Hare.” The other like The Tortoise. Both styles have strengths and weaknesses, but what if the two worked together to build a business even greater than they could individually? 3 Keys To A Winning Combination In Your Life Coaching Business 1. Identify your own strengths. Do you tend to plod along slowly and deliberately, planning ahead…or do you wait until the … [Read more...]

The Terrible Truth About Life Coaching

Life coaching is a caring profession. That is probably the most significant reason most coaches become coaches. You probably have spent much of your life acting as friend and confidante for the people you know. You want to help people. You want to make things easier and alleviate your clients' pain. These are all noble aims of course. But guess what. While noble aims are wonderful and beautiful to have, the terrible truth about life coaching is that you have to be more than just a friend and … [Read more...]

The Ruthless Rules of Reality In Life Coaching

Before you decide to start your own life coaching business, you need to know the cold, hard facts. Most people sugar-coat reality. They don’t want to hurt your feelings or discourage you. And while these people may be your friends at some level, if you go out into a snowstorm without a jacket you’ll freeze to death. 3 Rules to Live or Die By 1. You have to sell. I’ll repeat it. You have to sell yourself, your programs, your materials, and even what your client says he/she wants out of life. … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification Fraud: The Ultimate Identity Theft?

Coaching certification fraud is more common than most people realize. What’s really curious is that most consumers don’t care once they’ve taken the bait. Think about people like Dr. Laura and Dr. Phil, neither of who have a doctorate degree. Do their fans care? If some do, it doesn’t appear to significantly affect either Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura’s popularity. It may even enhance their popularity! Is coaching any different? What is Coaching Certification Fraud? Coaching certification goes beyond … [Read more...]

10 Client Commitments You Need For Successful Coaching

Successful coaching requires a partnership between you and your client. There are rewards and responsibilities on both sides. You've probably read and heard a lot about your side, the coach's side, of the equation. But what about your clients? What do they need to contribute to your working relationship to maximize their success from working with you? The 10 Client Commitments 1. Show up to sessions on time and in focus: Being on time means your client is committed to maximizing her experience … [Read more...]

3 Life Coach Business Forms You Need For Protection

There are no standard life coach business forms, just as there is no standard life coach training. In most places, you don't actually need any kind of certification or license to have a life coaching business, but that doesn't mean you should just blithely start coaching clients without any kind of paperwork. Obviously you should make sure you know what, if any, requirements exist in your country or your area. But even if there is no requirement beyond what you need to run a business, it's a … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips From Freemasonry: Which Apron Is Best?

Have you ever noticed how coaching tips can show up in the strangest places? Take Freemasonry for example. My husband has been a freemason since before I met him and he's held many positions within that fraternity. Until his recent promotion to Inspector for the Grand Lodge of California, he held the job of Officer's Coach in his local lodge. Consequently coaching tips have been flying fast and furious between us for some time now! This blog comes from a conversation we had about which apron he … [Read more...]

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Coaching Techniques

Specific coaching techniques are a critical tool of effective coaches. During your training and your early days as a coach, learning all the techniques you can is a wonderful strategy. Not only do they improve your coaching results, but perhaps even more importantly they give you some confidence. As you grow more comfortable in your career though, it's a good idea to review the techniques you use, see what their good and bad points are, and make sure you're using them in the best way. Why Use … [Read more...]