What’s the Easiest Way to Become a Life Coach?

Did I just say “easiest” way to become a life coach? Really, how can we make this easy? Because I’ve been wracking my brain over this question for the last few days until my brain feels like it is going to blow a fuse. The obvious answer is to get some really great coaching about how to do it.

So let’s see what some of my mentors have taught me. There is difference between doing something, and talking about it. I doubt if any of the world class coaches are reading this, unless they are searching for an answer for one of their protégés. Because they probably can’t put the answer into words either. If you asked Michael Jordan how he gets the ball into the hoop, he would probably just shrug his shoulders and tell you he just throws it in. My mentors say just about the same thing about how to become a life coach.

There are four levels of knowledge…but instead of just going back into our heads about this, let’s step into the world of our mentors. When you listen to a session with one of the world class life coaches, you know they are in “the zone”. They are in the client’s head, heart, and very being. So let’s get out of our heads about how to become a life coach, because

There is a difference between TALKING about being a world class life coach and ACTUALLY BEING one.

If you want to become a life coach… a great life coach, then hang with the masters. Do what they do. Step into the zone. During a big track race in high school, I remember finishing the last 100 meters in silence. I KNEW the stands were full, but I only heard the sound of my feet. The quietness seemed so odd to me, that I mentioned it to a friend. She told me that people were screaming their heads off. THAT is the zone. When you are in the moment of BEing, you are aware of nothing else.

We’ve all had moments like that. Can you think of a time? How did it FEEL? Were you THINKing about it? Or just BEing? In order for magic to happen during a coaching session, we have to simply BE. NOT thinking about what’s going on with them, or trying to figure out what they should do. Just simply stepping into their shoes, their head, their heart…and BEing them. Only then can you can wrestle over their obstacles with them, and step into the realm of greatness as you become a life coach.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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