The Business Coaching Process – What Should it Look Like?

The success of the business coaching process will depend on how it is conducted, from the initial stage to the end stage of the relationship. Hopefully, this article will assist you in designing your ideal coaching process.

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is a process employed to take a business from where it currently is to where it desires to be. It is a highly customized process of developing business owners (entrepreneurs), and teams within a business organization.  Business coaches are professionally trained coaches who typically have a background in business.  These individuals work with both individuals and groups, either a business owner or management within an organization, to help them grow their businesses.  The Business Coach helps clarify business objectives and helps clients develop the necessary skills and obtain the appropriate tools and resources needed to operate a successful business entity.  Clients of business coaching normally consist of corporations, small businesses, and independent business owners.

The Business Coaching Process Made Simple

The business coaching process does not need to be complicated.  And so, what should it look like?  Listed below is a clear-cut framework that can help guide you in the coaching process with your clients.

Stage 1:  Preparation/Data Gathering

The primary goal of this phase is to get to know each other (i.e., you and your client). Information is gathered to create a personalized or customized coaching experience that will accommodate the client’s needs. At this phase, you learn about the clients’ interests, workplace behaviors, goals, and opportunities that can enhance expansion or progress within the organization.

Stage 2:  Establishing The Contract

This second phase has to do with the coach, business owner, and probably the human resources office, depending on the size of the organization.  These individuals come together to agree on confidentiality, expectations, or desired results mutually, and the length of the contract.

Stage 3: Coaching Sessions

In this third stage, the coaching sessions commence.   It has to be done in a format and atmosphere conducive to both client and coach to produce successful results. The business coach provides the necessary support through coaching sessions and regular check-ins performed via email between the scheduled telephone sessions.  It is also in this phase that the client commits time to the agreed-upon assignments and action items.

Stage 4:  Implementing Action Plan & Feedback 

This stage involves feedback whereby the coach reviews all relevant data with the business owner or management team. They then work towards creating an action plan (based on input)that will address their needs and take them to where they desire to be within the context of the business organization.

Stage 5: Completion/Wrap Up

This phase is the wrapping up period where both parties will be able to evaluate the work that has been done thus far since the initial stage of the coaching process. It is at this stage, the parties involved (including HR/Personal) will hold a final meeting to review the process of the coaching sessions, what has been achieved, and create a final action plan to help continue the progress that has been made.  The team may also identify the needed resources to help advance the business leader’s goals for the organization. This wrap-up session lasts longer than the initial meeting stage because it is usually combined with the final coaching session, and several things like the feedback, follow-up, evaluation, and planning are discussed. 

The business coaching process involves different aspects of coaching, and the process itself becomes more effective when you tailor it to fit the needs of your coaching clients and your coaching style.          

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