Tips On Coaching: Power And Glory Of Responsibility

Tips on coaching about responsibility are a dime a dozen. You can read about what you are responsible for as a coach. You can read about the responsibilities of clients in the coaching process. But what about the why? Why is taking responsibility important beyond the obvious legal and contractual reasons? What does taking responsibility accomplish on a deeper level for the change we want to cause in our clients with coaching? These are the pieces that are often missing from tips on coaching … [Read more...]

Tips On Coaching From A Quality Control Perspective

Tips on coaching may not seem a particularly likely focus for quality control, but you want to be the most effective coach you can be, right?  So you need to find a way to know if you are being your most effective.  If you have a transformative session with your client and the results are obvious, you are clearly being highly effective.  But what if that isn’t your experience every time you coach?  What are some of the factors you can actually look at objectively to see if you are working at the … [Read more...]