10 Benefits Of Goal Setting For life Success Coaching

Life Success Coaching needs goals to make your client happy. Without setting specific goals, you won’t know whether you are headed towards what your client wants, and neither will you be able to tell when you’ve reached the end point of that particular journey. The need for goal setting in coaching and in life is absolute, and here are 10 reasons why.

The 2 Benefits That Make Goal Setting Critical For Life Success Coaching

You’ve probably heard that life success coaching goals, in fact all goals, should be SMART—specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. But why? What are the benefits of having goals that fit this model. The first two are obvious.

1. Without specific goals it’s impossible for you or your client to have clarity on what he wants to achieve in his life. And without that clarity, you’ll never know if you are even heading in the right direction with your coaching!

2. If you don’t have specific measurable goals, you’ll never know where your client’s end point is and whether he’s actually achieved what he wanted.

Some Hidden Benefits Of Goal Setting

3. If your client is clear on his goals, you are clear on his goals, and he is clear that you are clear, there’s a lot less wiggle room for failure. The chances of success go way up.

4. As a life success coach, goal setting is a way of increasing your client’s personal growth. She will have more time for her important relationships and for contributing to her community because her energy will be more clear and focused.

5. Clear goals cut down on brain fuzz– the sidetracks, “rabbit holes” and ephemera that can steal your client’s time.

6. Your life success coaching client will be more productive because his energy will be directed towards one focus and not split and distracted by trivialities.

7. Your client will have a better and more supportive peer group, because he will be attracted to and attractive to other productive, goal-oriented and clear thinking people.

8. Your client will feel good about himself and his self esteem increase because he will be able to watch and measure his own progress toward his desired success.

As his coach, you are instrumental in helping your life success coaching client set the goals that create the energy of a clear and focused mind. In that state, your client will attract the energy of the universe to support him with the people and events he needs, and his goals will soon become reality.

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Dorine G. Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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