Life Success Coaching: Help Your Success Coaching Client Use Fear to Their Benefit

In your life success coaching or success coaching practice, you can use your client’s fears to benefit them.  How can you do that?  If your life success coaching client has a fear of not having enough money they could react to prevent it.  Your client could work longer and harder than most people.  They could be more determined and driven then everybody else.  Your success coaching client could educate themselves about various ways to invest money.  In this way your client could use fear of not having enough money to help them become financially independent.

Life Success Coaching:  Help Your Success Coaching Client Develop Courage

Your life success coaching client can begin the process of developing courage and eliminating fear by engaging in actions consistent with courage and self-confidence.  The life success coaching principle they need to practice is that anything you practice over and over eventually becomes a habit.  The most important kind of courage for your life success coaching client is the courage to begin.  They need to step out in faith in the direction of their goal.  Your client must develop the courage to try something new and different with no guarantee of success.

Recently, in a book by Brian Tracy I read about Robert Ronstadt, a professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College.  This is a great example for your success coaching client.  He conducted a follow up study of his MBA students to find out how they did in life after graduating.  Less than 10 percent of his graduates had started their own businesses and were successful.  The rest of them were working for other companies, still dreaming about becoming entrepreneurs one day.

Life Success Coaching:  Your Success Coaching Client Must Follow the “Corridor Principle”

Ronstadt found one quality that the successful entrepreneurs had in common.  That was their willingness to start their own business rather than just thinking about it.  He called this the “Corridor Principle.”  The graduates of his program who had done nothing were still waiting for conditions to be just right before they began.  They were unwilling to go down the corridor of uncertainty until they could be assured they would be successful, which never happened.   Your life success coaching client will need to avoid this.  Your success coaching client must get started today.  This is a courageous act that will help them to keep taking acts of courage and make their dreams come true.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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