Keys to Leadership Coaching Psychology: Psychology Coaching for The Next Curve of Innovative Revolutionaries

Leadership coaching psychology is all about one thing: Vision.  Psychology coaching tactics aside, you’ll need to help today’s leaders with creating, honing, and holding steady with their vision for the future.  Don’t get caught up too much with cool psychology coaching tricks to ‘wow’ your client if they are a leader.  Today’s leaders want you to get to the point and help them with good leadership coaching psychology, rather than parlor tricks.

More than Psychology Coaching: Creating a Vision is The Beginning of Leadership Coaching Psychology

To help your ‘leader/client’ find their way to the next level for them, you’ve got to help them create a vision for the future.  Leadership coaching psychology dictates that you need to first help them clarify where they are, where they want to be, and how they think they can get there.

Once all that is worked out, use good psychology coaching to help them thoroughly explore these three questions:

1.  What are they most passionate about?
2.  What are they the best in the world at?
3.  How can they make the most money doing that?

Leadership Coaching Psychology Means Honing a Vision With Your Client

Psychology coaching alone cannot help a future business leader step into the limelight.  You’ve got to use veritable leadership coaching psychology to help your client hone their vision down to a razor’s edge.  That means that you must continue to ask the three questions I mentioned above.  There’s always a deeper answer to those three.  Also it means using good psychology coaching tactics to help your future leader to LET GO of things that don’t fit their niche market or that don’t fit the intersection of the best answers they came up with to those three questions.  Letting go will be one of the harder things for your client to do, but also one of the most valuable abilities they can possibly cultivate.

Psychology Coaching Rears it’s Ugly Head to Help Your Alpha Client in Holding Their Vision

When a powerful leadership coaching psychology has been used, and your client is following through on their new honed vision, other tasty offers will arise from the woodwork.  Why will this happen right when things are just getting warmed up?  Because when others see your client on the ‘way to the top’ they will want a piece of them, and they’ll seek to take advantage of the insight your client has for their own benefit.  When this happens, use your psychology coaching ability to stop them dead in their tracks.  For instance, you could say, “Hold on, you sound totally different!  I thought you were totally committed to your vision and now you’re acting like you’re just going to sell out.  What happened?”

When you use your psychology coaching abilities sparingly and your tap into these new leadership coaching psychology abilities, then you’ll be able to help any aspiring or current business leader on their march to their ultimate vision and take them to the ‘top of the heap’.

Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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