Coaching Certification ‘Criteria’: What do You Need to Become a Coach?

When You Become a Coach, Do You Need to be Concerned About Coaching Certification ‘Criteria’?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has certain coaching certification ‘criteria’ if you want to become a coach who has some credentials after your name. The ICF has 3 levels of certification, each with separate coaching certification ‘criteria’. Some people see certification as a valuable requirement to become a coach; others see it as a ‘money pit’. Which is it? Become a coach who makes your own decision.

The Associate Certified Coach… As a Coaching Certification ‘Criteria’, is it a Waste of Time While You Become a Coach?

The first set of coaching certification ‘criteria’ to meet is the Associate Certified Coach (ACC). To apply you need 100 hours of coaching experience on at least 8 clients, and 60 hours of documented coach training. If you are just starting to become a coach, you might wonder how you are ever going to get 75 hours of paid coaching without having a certification. And if you are a client, you might be wondering how valuable this coaching certification ‘criteria’ is if someone can achieve this level after coaching less than 2 weeks? My thoughts are that unless you have nothing better to do, use your time and money to get yourself to at the least the next level.

In 6 Months You Could Get Your PCC, With Lenient Coaching Certification Criteria, You Might Consider This When You Become a Coach

The second set of coaching certification ‘criteria’ to aim for is the Professional Certified Coach (PCC). To apply you need at least 750 hours of documented coaching experience and at least 675 of those hours need to be paid. That’s about 4 months of paid coaching. You’ll need at least 125 hours of coaches training to become a coach who is a PCC.  I would say that at the PCC level, you still won’t impress too many people with your qualifications unless you can really back it up with great results and testimonials, or at least show them what you can provide within a free session.

The Ultimate Coaching Certification ‘Criteria’?  Become a Coach Who is a Master Certified Coach…

The highest set of IFC coaching certification ‘criteria’ to aim for is the Master Certified Coach (MCC). This requires 2500 hours of coaching experience on at least 35 clients. Now this is something to aim for if you want to become a coach who is taking their coaching business seriously. Of course you also need at least 200 hours of coaches training, or 10 hours of mentored coaching. But if you are playing at this level, you should be continuing to learn and get coaching without someone telling you that anyway.

The purpose of the ICF Credentialing Program is to make standards for professional coaches and coaches training programs. They have provided 3 different levels of certification to help you become a coach with credentials. But remember it’s not about what you achieve; it’s who you become in the process.

Colette Seymann

Designated Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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