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Prestigious Coaching Schools

Coach U is one of those prestigious ICF coaching schools I talked about in the “Looking For a Prestigious Coaching Certification” post. In fact, when researching “Coach U” I discovered that it was founded in the United States in 1992. In 1997 “Coach U” founded the International Coaches Federation (ICF). If I was a conspiracy buff I might wonder if there is some sort of conspiracy going on here, but since I’m not, suffice it to say, I find this a very interesting and an unusual piece of trivia.

Coach U
Coach U

An International Coaching School

Coach U also has another branch called Corporate Coach U, which seems to be slightly different than Coach U, although in all their statements they combine the two. For example, they boast that Coach U and Corporate Coach U coaches currently work with more than 50,000 people per week. That is not surprising, seeing as they have a global reach with franchises in Canada, Europe, South Korea, Brazil, Poland, Greece, Japan and Australia, in addition to having international students from another 51 countries.

Studies at Coach U

I have not personally taken courses from either Coach U or Corporate Coach U, so I cannot say what the differences exist between the two. I assume Coach U is training for the individual person looking for a vocation as a career or business coach, whereas Corporate Coach U majors on training you to be a corporate coach.

They have nine guiding principles that people:

  • Have something in common
  • Are inquisitive
  • Contribute
  • Seek Value
  • Act in their own interest
  • Live from their perception
  • Have a choice
  • Define their own integrity

Coach U and Corporate Coach U programs are based around these nine principles. It seems they specialize in life, career, business or corporate coaching and if you are interested in any of these areas to provide your clients with services, they say that “you will be pleased with their programs.”

Draw Backs

One drawback of Coach U as far as I can tell, is that it doesn’t have a marketing program to help you get your business off the ground. I may be mistaken, but hey, you can’t have everything.

In Conclusion

In my mind’s eye I see a sign with a big finger pointing straight at you saying, “Coach U wants U.” Funny picture. Anyway, if you want to get some more coach training it might be just the place to check out. They would certainly know what requirements you would need to get ICF accredited seeing as they started it.

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  1. Loren says

    Good review of the Coach U program review… it looks like one worth checking out by those who are wanting to enter this field. The nine guiding principles of Coach U training are basic principles we can apply to anything we undertake. I view them as imperative for aligning ourselves with those things that are in keeping with our own personal principles and integrity. Quoted are commonality; seeking value; action; contribution; perception; inquisitiveness; choice; and integrity. Coaches embracing these principles are ones who are a great resource for those seeking their services.

  2. says

    this is a great share and so many of us seek to gain so much more in learning all the areas of our industry. When you have reached the levels of great mentors, coaches, visionaries, and leaders. You must lead by example and continue daily with gaining more knowledge to enhance your abilities to support more people in your business.

    To many times I have people question why must they learn daily about our industry when they only want to generate more income doing what they love. The answer is to able yourself to give more wisdom to others.To equip yourself with knowledge in the whole industry and not lacking in due diligence when it comes to other areas of generating more revenue.

    Your quest writer has given a solid review on the principle of getting the maximum wisdom to leverage more time. The more you learn the better you can duplicate activities within your team with unity. Teach others in different areas correctly. This is priceless.

    Jeffrey, thank you for all your support and guidance in doing things right the first time. Saves allot of time and energy.

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