What is the Career Coach Institute?

Career Coach institute was founded in 2001 by Marcia Bench and became one of the world’s best sources of career coach education, training, and certification. The Career Coach Institute was the first career coach training organization in the world and grew to become a worldwide community of students in several different countries.

Coach Training
Coach Training

Who is Marcia Bench?

For over 20 years, Marcia has been involved with coaching, marketing, training, and consulting. She is a professional speaker, a coach trainer, and the author of over 25 books. She helps to train entrepreneurs and professionals to become coaches. She also helps executives, managers, and HR professionals become better mentors and coaches within their companies.

A few of her books include, Become an Inspirational Thought Leader, Success by the Numbers, Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide, and Tao of Entrepreneurship. She is also a frequent guest speaker, and gives workshops around the country.

She started as a consultant and speaker who specialized in helping business start-ups, business development, and marketing. She started a law firm, but after a few years, she sold it, packed up her possessions, and bought an RV. She traveled around the country helping people do what they enjoy for living.

She discovered the power and effectiveness of coaching in 2000, attended coaching school, and then founded the Career Coach Institute. She has been working hard to educate coaches ever since.

Career Coach Institute is Now Inspired Business Institute

The Career Coach Institute has a new name, but it offers the same world-class training and education. Inspired Business Institute offers career, business, and retirement coach training to professional and coaches who want to improve their skills and expand their knowledge base.

The Inspired Business Institute helps coaches who have just completed their training and want to build their business; coaches who have been in business and want to learn the skills to expand and accelerate their practice; and coaches who seek a mentor who has been at the beginning and who can save you money, time, and effort in building your business the right way. Her career coaching institute is one of the best places to learn the skills necessary to exceed as a coach and an entrepreneur.

Finding the Right Coaching School

There are more than 400 coaching schools trying to help coaches become better at what they love. Most of them offer great information and skills training for aspiring and existing coaches. Before signing up with a coaching school, however, it is best to do your due diligence and find out as much information as possible. Seek out referrals, testimonials, and reviews. Call or email the school and ask about the teachers, the classes, the certifications, and more. Don’t be shy – ask as much s you can, ask about the things that matter to you, and if you don’t get the answers you want, move on to the next one.

The Career Coach Institute, now the Inspired Business Institute, is one of the leading coach training schools in the country. If coaching is the career path you have chosen, you be wise to check it out!

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  1. Joyce Weaver says

    I will surely check out the career coaching institute you have suggested. Getting the right education is the best way to go.

  2. Kirsten Dao says

    Great advice for those who are thinking of getting into the career coaching business. Thanks for sharing.

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