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If I were king of the coaching world, I would create the best damn career coach institute on the planet. This institute would have the best teachers, classes, and resources that money could buy. So, let’s pretend for a moment that I have money, and as a king, I suppose if I didn’t have money, I could just tax the people and get some of their money Since I have all the money in the world, I can create my career coach institute however I desire.


My career coaching institute would be designed to teach and mentor individuals to become the best coaches in the world. Students would have unlimited access to the mentors and resources. What courses would I offer? Would it be different than other coaching programs? What would the final product look like when it was ready for business?

My Career Coach Institute

  1. Courses would be available both online and in old-fashioned brick and mortar locations. The brick and mortar locations would add a touch of legitimacy, provide a educational focus point to which coaching leaders and experts could come to give lectures, seminars, and speeches. Providing online courses expands its reach and allows the masses to have access to incredible teaching and coaching resources.
  2. Mt career coach institute would provide different levels of instruction. There would be a fast-track program for those individuals who are able to invest all the time going to school. For working people, less intensive programs would also be available. Once again, one of the primary goals of my institution is to offer variety, diversity, and easy access so the career of coaching is available to everyone.
  3. Classes would be available online to take at the student’s convenience. Teachers would tape classes and then archive them on the Internet. A working individual could then watch the lecture any time that fits their schedule.
  4. My courses would not ignore the business of coaching. In fact, the art and science of running a business would be emphasized. A coach who cannot run a business will probably not be a coach for long. Including in these courses would be marketing and promotion. There are so many different ways to market and so many ways to leverage your time and resources. Most coaches fail to take advantage of ways to leverage and automate their promotional efforts.
  5. My career coach institute would also emphasize mentor coaching and real-world experience. Learning techniques, theories, and skills in a classroom or from a book is important, but nothing beats learning how to coach by watching another coach, or by having another coach watch you!
  6. Certifications would be offered in every type of coaching. My institute would be associated with the major governing bodies in coaching, including the International Coach Federation (ICF).

If I were king of the coaching world, I would make the best damn coaching institute in the world. It would be accessible to everyone, would be reasonably priced, and would encompass every aspect of coaching. Though my career coach institute is merely a figment of my over-active imagination, there are many wonderful coaching programs easily accessible to individuals who desire to become coaches. Look for one that fits your needs and has everything I have mentioned here, and you will be on your way to a personally and financially rewarding career.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Katrina says

    Great ideas! I wish you would have your own career coach institute and I would enroll immediately.

  2. Natalie says

    Thanks for the ideas. Will surely keep them in mind as I choose coaching courses that best suit me.

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