Business Coaching Tips and the Art of Data Capture

There are plenty of business coaching tips you can offer your clients that will help them become better leaders and entrepreneurs. One of the most valuable tips being offered is how to complete a strategic plan.

Most business owners know a little about strategic planning, but great coaches can really break it down and give them powerful new tools to wield in their quest for success and profit. One of those tools is data capture.

Why a Strategic Plan?

Strategic plans are needed because they provide a business with goals and a map to get to those goals. They also create confidence within an organization, communicate the vision to an entire organization, and they help the organization keep on track. No list of business coaching tips is complete without learning to properly create a strategic plan.

3 Crucial Parts of a Strategic Plan

The steps of a strategic plan include:

  • Capture – collect as much data as you can on goals, problems, changes, and solutions.
  • Prioritize – take everything from step one and create priorities.
  • Organization – this is where you structure a plan to reach your goals.

What Data to Capture for a Strategic Plan

Here are a few of the most important business coaching tips for what data to capture:

  • Goals
  • Actions
  • Strengths
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Weaknesses
  • Systems and strategies
  • Customers
  • Competitors and market environment

All of these are fairly obvious, but many business owners forget to include other items that may be just as valuable as the ones above. They know to include things that exists, but they forget to include things that don’t exist.

Business Coaching Tip – Capturing Data That Doesn’t Exist

Capturing items that don’t yet exist within an organization might be what truly sets your organization apart from the competitors – it’s the process of forward thinking and envisioning the future. Brainstorm about the future of the company with:

  • New ideas
  • New directions
  • New goals
  • New standards
  • New operating principles
  • Turning a “should” into a “must.”

Imagining the future is one of the best ways to come up with new ideas, build a new vision, and embrace the future before your competitors. Some of the best business coaching tips focus on a vision of the future and thinking outside the present-day box.

Business Coaching Tips and the Art of Business Coaching

Every business is different, every business must adapt, and every business must look to the future while making tough decisions in the present. A good example of this is Apple, which had to make many strategic decisions regarding products – they had to eliminate marginally profitable products in order to focus their financial and human resources on other products, which eventually became iconic mega-sellers such as the iPhone and the iPod.

Making these decisions is an art and isn’t all about data and metrics. That’s why data capture for a strategic plan should not only include accessible data, it should also include those things that don’t yet exist. Tips like these take it beyond the basics and can give your clients more tools to use in reaching business success.

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