Naming Your Coaching Business After Earning a Business Coaching Certification

You've just earned a business coaching certification – now what? You probably want to start your coaching practice and get going on your career as a coach. You want to put your business coaching certification to good use! Before You Begin a Business Coaching Business But, before you begin, there are a few steps to take. You have to actually start your business, and starting a business means you have to take action on a few important items. Determine what local requirements are … [Read more...]

Why Do You Need a Business Coaching Certification?

The fact is you don’t need a business coaching certification. However, to succeed in this market whether you want to have your own business as a business coach, or to be an internal company business coach, it might be helpful to have one. It all depends on the outcome you wish to achieve. If you wish to coach and develop staff within an organization, certification may not be necessary, but it might be desirable depending on what sort of company you want to work for. For example if you have … [Read more...]

Secrets to Getting Top Salary of a Life Coach: Business Coaching Certification the Coaching Schools Don’t Understand

There is one secret technique to getting top salary of a life coach that isn't based upon the ability to psychoanalyse your client, or have some great 'intuition'.  You can't learn this skill with some business coaching certification, nor can you produce great results without it (unless you get top salary of a life coach simply because you are a guru already!) The Secret to Top Salary of a Life Coach: Truth I know it doesn't sound like much, but the TRUTH is seldom the center of the focus when … [Read more...]