Secrets to Getting Top Salary of a Life Coach: Business Coaching Certification the Coaching Schools Don’t Understand

There is one secret technique to getting top salary of a life coach that isn’t based upon the ability to psychoanalyse your client, or have some great ‘intuition’.  You can’t learn this skill with some business coaching certification, nor can you produce great results without it (unless you get top salary of a life coach simply because you are a guru already!)

The Secret to Top Salary of a Life Coach: Truth

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but the TRUTH is seldom the center of the focus when your client needs a breakthrough.  Your business coaching certification will tell you how to plan out your clients success.  They will promise that if you know the ‘how to’ and convey it to your client, then you are in good shape, but the fact is that no amount of knowledge will help most of your clients.

Why Are Clients Beyond the Help of Most Coaches With Business Coaching Certification?

Your client is having challenges, yes?  We’ll the real reason your client is having challenges (or not achieving their goals) is because they aren’t honest about the issue(s) surrounding the challenges.  Your salary of a life coach will depend on your ability to point out and discover which of these ‘dishonesty patterns’ your client is performing:

Dishonesty Patterns From the JTS Advisors Business Coaching Certification:

Dishonesty Pattern 1:  Confusion

Your client tells you “I don’t know” to every key question you ask them.  Or they freeze up and won’t answer any questions.  They are dishonest here because they ALWAYS know the answers to most questions about them.  They are so used to not answering these questions or leaving them unanswered, that they can’t believe that someone actually expects them to answer them.  Most people put up with their stonewalling because they are fooled that the client actually DOESN’T KNOW what to do or what the answer is.

Dishonesty Pattern 2:  Fear (Hiding out)

Your client doesn’t want to face the truth, so they hide from it.  this can take the form of trying to be ‘optimistic’ or just plain lying to cover up what they are afraid to tell you (or themselves).

Dishonesty Pattern 3:  Bravado / Anger

Your client is really afraid of not being worthy or feeling worthless, therefore they cover it up with overconfidence.  Or they blame others around them for their problems and get quite angry about it.  This is really pattern 2 (fear) covered up with even more dishonesty, ala that they are not afraid.  This is a hard to see pattern at first because many times the anger seems so ‘real’… don’t allow yourself to be fooled!

Dishonesty Pattern 4:  Lemmingisms

Your client parrots a bunch of things that their last guru or favority author said, using it to cover up their own issues and problems.  for instance, I had a client once that used Robert Kiosaki’s concept of passive income to justify doing any real consistent work.  His dishonesty was:  “Passive income is so great and active income is bad, therefore I shouldn’t make any money that I have to actually work for.”

Dishonesty Pattern 5:  Blinders / Tunnel Vision

This can collapse with pattern 4 as well, but anything that your client thinks about, buys into, or constantly falls back upon in order to run their limiting pattern is in the realm of tunnel vision.  This one can also be hard to spot because the thing that your client may have tunnel vision about may be somewhat accurate, which makes the dishonesty even harder to spot.

Dishonesty Pattern 6:  Laziness

This is an insidious type of dishonesty, in that the client will possibly admit any of the other patterns and make it look like that is the real problem, when the real problem is plain old laziness.  What’s the trick to spotting laziness?  Simple: Just notice if your client is taking much action in the area where they are having trouble.  If they haven’t been or aren’t taking much action, then laziness is highly probably that it is one of the dishonesty patterns they are currently running.

If you can find these dishonesty patterns in your clients, and help them overcome them stopping them from reaching their goals, then you have a good chance at reaching your goal of having a top salary of a life coach.  There are a couple of pitfalls when helping your clients break through these dishonesty patterns that no average business coaching certification will tell you about.  Here are the common pitfalls when helping your coaching clients break through dishonesty patterns:

Honesty Coaching Pitfall #1:  Strategery:

Be careful about trying to strategize with your client before your confront the dishonesty.  No strategy will work (no matter how good) in the face of a client who can’t be honest.

Honesty Coaching Pitfall #2:  Helper-itis (Enabling):

This is where you buy in completely to the dishonesty of your client and just sympathize with them or give them rewards for their own lack of integrity.

Honesty Coaching Pitfall #3:  Freezery (Deer in Headlights Syndrome):

This is your own form of the confusion pattern. Don’t let the dishonesty spread to you as the coach!

The Reality of the ‘Dream Income Makers’: What NOT to Expect From The Salary of a Life Coach

Remember that real coaching incomes don’t just fall out of the sky, and that no matter how fancy or elaborate your marketing and sales schemes are, you’ll need to work hard for your salary of a life coach.  Business coaching certifications are helpful, but your effectiveness as a business coach will ultimately create the results in your clients that help you get some serious referrals, hence building the kind of salary of a life coach that your want and deserve.  Just remember, that the client victory comes before the coach victory… Look that up in your favorite business coaching certification!

Jeffrey T. Sooey

CEO, JTS Advisors

Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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    They always say that honesty is the best policy.

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    Great approach and I can see how it could help many business owners.

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