The One Trait a Certified Coach Needs

If you are a certified life coach and are not yet making enough money to survive in the business, is it time to give up and throw in the towel? A few months, a year or two; no matter how long it has been, quitting should not be your first, or second, or third option. Changing directions, altering your promotional strategy, redefining yourself as a coach - these are all viable option. But, raising the white surrender flag – not an option! There is an old proverb that says – no matter how far … [Read more...]

When You Become a Certified Life Coach, are You Certified in The Steps to Becoming a Life Coach That is Successful?

Is the Top Life Coaching School in America Teaching the Steps to Becoming a Life Coach With "Client Getting" Power? I just talked with a few principles from some of the top coaching schools in America, and I realized that although they may understand the steps to becoming a life coach, they seem to not care about teaching it to their students.  A certified life coach has some real challenges in front of them if they are to get coaching clients in this marketplace, and you aren't going to learn … [Read more...]

Options for Life Coaching Education from Becoming a Certified Life Coach to Earning a Life Coaching Degree

Life Coaching Degree Various colleges are now providing a life coaching degree.  Here are a few of them: . Howard Community College offers a Professional Coaching program.  This isn't a life coaching degree in and of itself, but it's a 'college' course, which helps with some of the credibility. Massachusetts School Of Professional Psychology offers the "GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAM (GCEC)".  This is as close to a life coaching degree as you'll get … [Read more...]

What Education is Required to Become a Coach? Life Coaching Education from Life Coaching Degree to Becoming a Certified Life Coach

Life coaching education is a wide subject, and it's very important to life coaches to learn what they need to know to become a life coach.  Where do you start?  Do you go to college and get a life coaching degree, or do you simply take a coaching course and become a certified life coach?  Whichever way you go, you must consider 3 things. . The 3 Things to Consider in Your Journey to Becoming a Certified Life Coach (at Least in Spirit) 1.  Your Goal: . Do you want to moonlight as a coach … [Read more...]