The One Trait a Certified Coach Needs

If you are a certified life coach and are not yet making enough money to survive in the business, is it time to give up and throw in the towel? A few months, a year or two; no matter how long it has been, quitting should not be your first, or second, or third option. Changing directions, altering your promotional strategy, redefining yourself as a coach – these are all viable option. But, raising the white surrender flag – not an option!

There is an old proverb that says – no matter how far down the wrong road you’ve gone – turn back. You will notice that it doesn’t say – give up, or go home, or just lay down and die. If the road is wrong, turn around and find a new one – the right one. As a certified life coach, you have undoubtedly spent a good chunk of change getting to where you are. You have spent countless hours in classes, courses, and seminars, and have read dozens of books and hundreds of pages of website content in an attempt to become a life coach and get certified. If you give up, all that time and money goes down the drain.

A Certified Life Coach Needs This One Trait

In books, seminars, DVDs, and classes you will hear about many different traits that certified life coaches need to succeed. You will hear about dedication, passion, empathy, communication skills, intuition, listening skills, a strong work ethic, and many others. However, you will not often hear about resiliency. Yes, a certified life coach needs to be resilient. Like many careers and endeavors, the life coach business is filled with bumps in the road, peaks and valleys, and a sea of rejection. The struggle to find success can be especially pronounced when you start out as a coach. It often takes years to build up a solid client base and a good reputation. Resiliency is crucial to get you through the lean times and on the freeway to success, both financially and professionally.

Do you need passion, dedication, a strong work ethic, and all those other traits? You bet you do! However, you will not see this mentioned often, but resiliency is just as crucial as those other traits to your success as a certified life coach. You ability to pick yourself off the floor and get back in the ring is one of the major determinants of your professional success.

If you have traveled a long ways down the wrong road – used an ineffective marketing program, placed yourself in the wrong niche business, taken a few wrong turns in starting a business, or defined your coaching skills incorrectly – turn around and find the right road.

There is a Japanese proverb that says, Fall seven times, stand up eight. If one promotional plan doesn’t work, try another. If the other one doesn’t work, try one more. If one type of media doesn’t sell, try another. If that one also fails, there are still other ones to try. If one client doesn’t purchase your services, tell another about your coaching prowess, and then another. Becoming a certified life coach is a wonderful and dynamic career choice, but it takes resiliency to make it a profitable and successful one.

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