When You Become a Certified Life Coach, are You Certified in The Steps to Becoming a Life Coach That is Successful?

Is the Top Life Coaching School in America Teaching the Steps to Becoming a Life Coach With “Client Getting” Power?

I just talked with a few principles from some of the top coaching schools in America, and I realized that although they may understand the steps to becoming a life coach, they seem to not care about teaching it to their students.  A certified life coach has some real challenges in front of them if they are to get coaching clients in this marketplace, and you aren’t going to learn how to get clients from most of the top coaching schools in America.


Because you aren’t DEMANDING that they teach you how to get clients.

Yes, I think it’s your responsibility to demand this type of training from these coaches training institutions and for you to let them know how ineffective their trainings are in teaching you the steps to becoming a life coach that can get paying coaching clients (even if they are effective in helping you become a certified life coach).

I Could Blame Them for Making You a Certified Life Coach Without Giving You The Skills to Survive

I could say that the top coaching schools in America are irresponsible in their endeavour to help coaches learn how to get clients, and perhaps I would be right in saying that.  But, I’m not the one to say who’s responsibility it is to teach new coaches the steps to becoming a life coach (although I would assume it SHOULD be these so-called “coach training institutes”).  Personally I feel a responsibility to help every coach that goes through my training learn the steps to becoming a life coach that can get clients any time they want.

Even though I’m not a certified life coach, I feel very confident that any time I want to get more coaching clients, I can just go out and promote a bit, call some past clients, and ‘voila’, I’ll have high paying clients.  You got to understand how great it feels to have the knowledge that you can subsidize your income and always just pull the trigger on a few things and then have more paying coaching clients.  The steps to becoming a life coach were challenging to figure out and learn because no one had combined all the most important information about becoming a certified life coach with paying clients in one area, along with a system for understanding how to use it.

How a Certified Life Coach, Ignorant of the Right Business Skills, Fails to Understand the Steps to Becoming a Life Coach with an Effortlessly Growing Practice

But most coaches haven’t the foggiest idea how to get paying coaching clients, or worse, they THINK they know how to get paying coaching clients… and they’re dead wrong.

I had a coach come up to me the other day, very excited to show me their new website.  It WAS a good looking website.  They told me how they were going to make SO MUCH MONEY and get SO MANY CLIENTS with their shiny new website.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that their website wasn’t going to make them a dime because of they way it was constructed.  This coach was a certified life coach and they simply didn’t know the steps to become a life coach who could effortlessly build their practice.  They probably shelled out at least $500 and time / money they didn’t have in order to get that website up.  the funny thing is that this kind of ‘coaching tragedy’ is happening every day.

With the Accredited Coaching Schools out There, I Doubt You’ll Be Well Enough Equipped

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to coaching schools and what they are teaching you.  The steps to becoming a life coach can be long and quite hard without the proper life coach education.  A certified life coach needs to be careful of the ICF (International Coaches Federation) and their ‘accredited coaching school’ referral service, because it conveys a false sense of security based upon the dream of having lots of coaching clients because you learned some magic coaching trick (there are magic coaching tricks, but they don’t guarantee paying clients).

Jeffrey T. Sooey

CEO, JTS Advisors

Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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