Life Coaching Degree Unraveled in 5 Minutes…

Life Coaching Degree Unraveled in 5 Minutes…

Do I need a life coaching degree to be a life coach? You might be asking yourself this question at this juncture in your life where you are ready to break free from the monotony of life and try something different. Or you are probably a life coach already but are seriously thinking of taking your business to the next level. Have you placed a dream on a shelf? Maybe it’s time to dust off the idea and rediscover the passionate pursuit of possibilities through life coaching. Do You Need a … [Read more...]

Options for Life Coaching Education from Becoming a Certified Life Coach to Earning a Life Coaching Degree

Life Coaching Degree Various colleges are now providing a life coaching degree.  Here are a few of them: . Howard Community College offers a Professional Coaching program.  This isn't a life coaching degree in and of itself, but it's a 'college' course, which helps with some of the credibility. Massachusetts School Of Professional Psychology offers the "GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAM (GCEC)".  This is as close to a life coaching degree as you'll get … [Read more...]

What Education is Required to Become a Coach? Life Coaching Education from Life Coaching Degree to Becoming a Certified Life Coach

Life coaching education is a wide subject, and it's very important to life coaches to learn what they need to know to become a life coach.  Where do you start?  Do you go to college and get a life coaching degree, or do you simply take a coaching course and become a certified life coach?  Whichever way you go, you must consider 3 things. . The 3 Things to Consider in Your Journey to Becoming a Certified Life Coach (at Least in Spirit) 1.  Your Goal: . Do you want to moonlight as a coach … [Read more...]