Sales Training Coaching: Sales Theory into Results

Neuro-linguistic programming theory states that learning only occurs when behavior changes. Coaching is all about making action happen. So for sales learning to occur, sales training coaching is needed to turn sales theory into changes in sales behavior and increases in sales results. Here are three coaching actions to assure that sales training actually occurs.

Customize General Theory in to Specific Actions through Coaching

Think back to the last training that you experienced. What was the most memorable moment? No. Not the moment when the trainer abruptly woke you up from a pleasant dream. I’m talking about the moment when a point really made sense, and you knew exactly how to apply it to your professional work. Well that is how you can affect your client through sales training coaching. The trick is to translate coaching principles into action steps customized to your client.

Help Clients Understand what Motivates them to Sell and Their Customers to Buy

We are all motivated to satisfy each of four basic needs – the needs for significance, love and connection, certainty, and variety. As a coach you are in the ideal position to understand what your client must do to satisfy each of these needs for themselves. Furthermore, in the process of helping your client understand the four basic needs and how we all work to satisfy them, you can plant the seeds for them to understand how their customers must satisfy the same needs, and how to help them do that through your client’s sales efforts. This might sound a little convoluted, but if truly understood, it can help make your client a sales superstar!

Use Sales Training Coaching to Hold Your Clients Accountable

All of that is fine, but will it automatically translate into effective action and therefore sales results? Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. But if your sales training coaching includes a generous dose of Accountability Coaching, you can help assure that sales training leads to changes in sales behavior and sales learning and therefore changes in sales results.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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