How to Start Coaching Conversation With These 7 Simple Questions

When I ponder on  how to start coaching conversation with my coaching clients that will result in a positive experience, I always ask myself what are the best questions that will enable me to achieve this.

My Goal as a Life Coach

As a life coach, my ultimate goal is to work alongside my clients to help them get to where they need to be in their professional or personal lives.  It is important to me that the coaching conversation results in a positive and unique experience for each client. 

How to start coaching conversation with my clients with these seven basic, but powerful questions has been undoubtedly working for me, and I hope you find them useful in your coaching sessions.

Asking Effective Questions – How to Start Coaching Conversation

There are fundamental questions in coaching that are needed to help clients become aware of their own thinking.  It helps with finding focus so the coaching conversation can move toward a clear objective or goal.

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Thinking of how to start coaching conversation effectively, let us look at the following questions

1. What do you want to be coached on today?

It would be best if you asked the client what they would like to be coached on; what they want their focus to be.  It is essential to be clear from the onset to know what direction the conversation may be heading.

2. What is your objective regarding this issue?

After the client may have mentioned their focus or what he or she wants to be coached on, then you ask them what’s their goal regarding the issue or topic brought up, meaning what does the client want to see happen.

3. How long has this issue been going on?

Here, you want to know how long the client has been dealing with this problem, i.e., the focus of the conversation and what they have done in the past to resolve it.

4. What type of progress would you want to achieve today?

It would help if you allowed the client to control the direction the conversation is heading. Let the client know that he or she has the power to control the outcome of the conversation. Doing this will enable them to establish a measure of success for the discussion.

5. What are your ideas on how best to reach your objective?

Asking this question helps empower the client to determine what he or she thinks may be the right next step.  You are putting the client in the driver’s seat to stir the steering wheel in the direction that will help them accomplish the desired goal.

6. How committed are you to resolve this issue?

You want to let the client know that you are ready to partner with them in the coaching relationship, getting them to where they need to know.  But you cannot do this without their solid commitment to the goal he or she is desiring to achieve. 

7. What’s your next step after today?

This open-ended question enables your client to think more deeply about his or her issue. It makes the client carefully ponder on potential solutions. 

The type of questions asked is critical to the effectiveness of the coaching conversation.  They are questions that should enable the clients to clarify their goals and be able to express their own ideas on how best to achieve their desired objectives. Asking these effective questions will inevitably produce the results you seek in the coaching conversation. 

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