How to Start a Life Coaching Session Successfully Using a Basic Structure

I wasn’t sure how to start a life coaching session successfully until I came across the standard structure that is listed below. How you start your coaching sessions makes a significant difference in how the session unfolds.

How to Start a Life Coaching Session Successfully Using a Basic Structure
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How to Start a Life Coaching Session

To assist you in effectively starting a life coaching session, I will encourage you to follow the steps below.

1. Preparation: Getting yourself ready before the start of a life coaching session with your clients is crucially important. It is equally important to be on time as well.

  • Obtain a coaching plan to show the specific problem to address for that day’s session.
  • At the start of the session, track the client’s progress on action goals, or plan set in the previous session, review together what has been achieved.

2. Set Goals For Session: You and your clients will identify what they desire to be coached on today and encourage them to envision their desired outcome.

  • Help them get clear about the challenges or obstacles in front of them.
  • Help them identify what is working and what is not; they may need learning creative strategies.
  • Help them realize where they are at present in terms of what they are attempting to achieve today.

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3. Time to Coach Your Client – Starting with the desired outcomes, you and your clients will work together on realistic action plans that will produce the desired results. You want to ask them powerful questions that get them describing what a “10” would look like in their career, health, relationships, or finances.

Questions to Client:

  • What is the Ideal solution for you in this situation?
  • What changes might you or others observe as you move towards your goal achievement?

4. Commitment – After reviewing the action steps to take with your clients, they decide to commit to the actions.

Questions to Client:

  • What do you anticipate might be a hindrance to accomplishing these actions?
  • How will you stay dedicated or committed to the task?

5. Accountability – It is essential for the coach to hold their clients responsible or liable to what they have promised to accomplish.

Questions to Client:
How will you hold yourself accountable to the goal(s) you set today?
How can I help you stay accountable and committed to the task at hand?

The Follow-up from the Session

At the conclusion of the session, you will summarize all that had been discussed in the session for the day; commitments, actions, and other issues that needed to be addressed. you now begin to plan for the following week; what you will like to see your clients achieve in that week, before your next session. The follow-up from the session helps to give the clients more direction, and also helps coaches to see how their clients are progressing.

Be aware that several life coaches will provide their clients with some homework, journaling, or other forms of tasks at the close of each session for them to accomplish prior to the next session. Providing them with some assignments or tasks to complete helps push them towards achieving their desired goals faster. If you are looking at how to start a life coaching session today, you might want to consider the above-listed steps.

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