How to Get Coaching Clients Fast When Starting Out in Your Coaching Practice

You are now a graduate of a coaching program and ready to get to work but do not know how to get coaching clients fast, then let’s help you out with a great way to do so. 

Finding Your Ideal Coaching Clients 

Without coaching clients, there is practically no business. It can be quite challenging as an independent business owner just starting out to know where to get clients, but it isn’t as difficult as you think it might be. The key is to go where your target clients and that is Social Media, which happens to be the quickest way to get clients. 

Social media sites are where you find individuals from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds, looking to socialize, seeking employment, seeking business opportunities, or looking for services and products that can meet their needs. According to recent statistics by Facebook,  they have over 1.73 billion daily active users and boasts of over 2.60 billion monthly active users. Social media provides an experience that can benefit everyone. 

How to Get Coaching Clients Fast – Using Social Media Platforms 

Of course, there are other ways that you may be able to find how to get coaching clients fast for your practice. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, social media platforms happen to be the fastest in my experience and that of many other coaches of various niches. Here are some of the best social media sites that have resulted in new clients for the coaching experts mentioned below. 

  • Career Coaches –  LinkedIn and Facebook 
  • Dating Coaches –  Facebook groups, Instagram, and Reddit.  
  • Empowerment  and Motivational Coaches – Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and Twitter
  • Christian Coaches –  Facebook groups, Pinterest, YouTube, 
  • Life Coaches – Facebook groups, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Executive Coaches – Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter

Just a quick tip about groups,

With groups such as Facebook groups, you do not only join groups, but you can also create yours as well. Creating your own group on FB will allow you to interact and build personal connections with potential customers. Relationships build trust. When people trust you, they want to give you a chance. Building your online group also allows you to regularly showcase your expertise by answering people’s questions and giving helpful advice. Create a call to action in your Facebook group, inviting people to a coaching discovery call.

Helpful Tools to Manage Your Social Media Networks

Now you might ask yourself, how do I manage all these platforms? It might seem overwhelming, but with productivity tools such as Hootsuite, Social Report, Seesmic, and others, you will do fine. These social media management tools help you effectively manage your sites and networks all from one interface.           

As a coach looking to get coaching clients the fastest way, it is important to note that to locate those clients on social media, you must continuously work at creating relevant and engaging content that establishes you as a professional coach in your niche. You have to attract target clients who will be WOWed by your expertise, personal story, and what you have to offer. Consistently engaging your prospects will eventually result in actual clients.

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