Two Great Ways on How to Get Clients For Life Coaching Business

In my first couple of years as a self-employed life coach, I discovered two great ways on how to get clients for life coaching business. I want to share it with you. 

The Life Coach Professional 

Who is a Life Coach?

He or she is a professional who works with clients to assist them in achieving their desired goals. The life coach asks powerful questions that will help individuals identify and overcome issues on their own (i.e., giving the power to the individual), thereby fulfilling their desired goals. Unlike a therapist, a life coach doesn’t help solve problems from people’s past. They’re focused on assisting clients in moving forward with creative ways of acting and thinking to help them achieve their goals.

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How to Get Clients For Life Coaching Business – Strategies That Works. 

The success of every life coaching business is critically dependent on finding the ideal clients for one’s business. How to get clients for one’s life coaching business should be every coach’s priority.  

  1. Social Media: Advertising on social media is a great platform to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you can locate your prospective clients. Studies show that millions of people access these platforms for both personal and professional purposes daily. If you desire to be successful in your coaching business, utilizing digital technology is essential. The great thing about your life coaching business is that it does not restrict you to a specific location. You can find clients from all over the world. For example, I reside in New Mexico, but I have clients in California, Texas, other countries like Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom.   Getting clients for your business through social media, Facebook, LinkedIn is necessary in today’s world. Through Facebook Ads, I have been able to locate several prospective clients in which some eventually became my actual clients. 
  1. Community Involvement: Putting your face and business out there through partnering with non-profit organizations is good for business. Attending networking associations, volunteering for charitable organizations, attending faith based events in your community are excellent ways of attracting your desired clients. Serving on a committee in your local community allows you to highlight your expertise and meet community leaders who, if impressed with your portfolio and personality, refer clients to you or possibly become clients. Another way to engage with people in the community is by hosting speaking events, having free foods, and other freebies for takeaways. It does not have to be a massive event; you can make it quite affordable. The people you are trying to reach need to hear what you have to offer them. One fast way to convey the word out there is to plan events, deliver webinars with engaging content materials.

The tips on how to get clients for life coaching business mentioned in this article have always worked for me. I am not saying other strategies do not do as good, but these two listed above have been more effective in attracting my ideal clientele, and it may work great for you as well. Try them today! 

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Margaret K. Olubiyi
Life Coach
Writer, Coaches Training Blog community

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