Eight Sales Coaching Tips to Improve Your Effectiveness as a Sales Manager

Effective sales coaching tips can be all a management team needs to help improve the general performance of their sales team. These coaching tips can also help you become a more effective sales manager and coach for your team.

Eight Sales Coaching Tips to Improve Your Effectiveness as a Sales Manager

What is Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching is a coaching specialty that helps promote the advancement of sales or account representatives within the sales/business development team of an organization. It requires a one on one approach to each sales rep since everyone is not the same; behaviors and learning abilities vary in each individual. Sales coaching helps maximize job performance; contributing to the team’s ability to reach and if possible exceed their quota or goals.

Practical Sales Coaching Tips To Help Transform Your Team

Here are eight sales coaching tips that can work for you.
1. Set Clear Expectations – To achieve desired results, clearly defined goals must be set with your team. You and your sales team must begin with a collective goal that everyone on the team is willing to commit to.

2. Lead by example – To be an effective leader, you must be ready to lead by example. Be the kind of person that everyone else looks up to and wants to be like.

3. Active Listening – Tune into what your sales team are saying; pay attention to your body language as well as your state of mind. Be focused on the moment and be respectful. Avoid interrupting and let them know you are hearing what they are saying by paraphrasing ( reflective) – Your people are observing every step you take and move you make. Your behavior and actions will set an excellent example and help promote the team you want.

4. Experiment with new coaching practices – There are many sales coaching strategies and tools available today. Learn about what’s going to work best for your team and their needs. Get feedback from them individually on your coaching style in your one on one sessions. That way you will be able to recognize what’s working and what’s not.

5. Be a Motivator – Instead of focusing so much on money, devote more time to motivating your team. Take time to find out what inspires them and do it. Examples of ways to encourage your team can include offering incentives like gift cards, days off, notes of appreciation, etc.

6. Provide Feedback – Providing ongoing feedback goes a long way. Make an effort to spend quality one on one as well as group time together with your team. This can be done in-person or virtually, discussing opportunities for growth.

7. Build Trust – Building trust within your sales team is important and contributes tremendously to the coaching process. As a sales coach and manager, you must promote an atmosphere where your team can be open and honest with you.

8. Follow up – Consistent follow up helps to effect positive change. It fosters an atmosphere of accountability and demonstrates a commitment to coaching.

Are you prepared to be the coach and sales manager that your team needs to improve on their individual as well as group performance? If your answer is YES, then it’s time to apply these sales coaching tips to your leadership style.

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