6 Supercharged Sales Coaching Tips

Sales coaching tips are a dime a dozen. Everyone has an opinion on how to boost sales, and the Internet is rife with suggestions for improving a sales team. While most tips have some merit, it’s best to select the best to guide you as you work with a sales team.

Sales Coaching Tips
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Coaching is the #1 Way to Improve Sales Performance

Coaching is the best way to drive performance of a sales team. You can hire a coach to come in and work with your sales team, or you can do it yourself. But if you aren’t implementing a coaching program for your sales force in today’s highly competitive economy, you’re not doing all you can to be successful.

6 Supercharged Sales Coaching Tips

Always Have a Plan

When you have a sales meeting or a coaching session, know what the plan is for the session. Don’t start off with: “Hey, what does everyone want to discuss today?” Your plan should be focused, specific, and goal-oriented. Will a session occasionally veer off on a tangent? Sure, and that’s fine, but having a focus and a goal will keep things real and on topic.

Listen and Ask Questions

All coaches know this, but it is worth repeating over and over again. No list of sales coaching tips, or any coaching tips, would be complete without this one. The coach or the manager should only do 10-25% of the talking. That can be difficult for some managers (or coaches); the best way to make sure you focus on listening is to ask questions.

Start Small to Think Big

If you’re just beginning a sales coaching program, it’s best to start out small, but have plans to elevate your program to think big in the long term. Think big picture, but explore the micro aspects as you slowly implement a coaching program.

Seek Out Internal and External Resources

One of the most often ignored sales coaching tips is to seek out help, both from within your company and from outside sources. You can get help from others in management or from an occasional guest coach, mentor, or sales expert. Don’t be afraid or reticent to seek out help!

Engage and Don’t Tell

Show don’t tell is a coaching mantra, and a great sales coaching tip that follows this mantra is to always remember is that engagement is far superior to telling. Stop selling sales personnel what to do; ask questions, encourage dialogue, and create an environment that is inclusive and encouraging.

Use Data

Lists of sales coaching tips don’t usually include the use of data. However, when you are dealing with sales and the best way to market, data is a crucial component of improving sales performance. Whenever you can, have data to back up the solutions or outcomes you are offering in your coaching sessions. Data will point to what works and what doesn’t. Don’t start a conversation with: “I feel…” or: “I think…” Start conversations with: The data shows…” Your coaching will be much more effective!

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