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The Coaching skills inventory by HRDQ is an excellent assessment tool for leaders who have adopted the coaching leadership style. 

Coaching Skills & Its Benefits

Coaching is fast becoming one of the most widely used leadership styles among high-level managers and community leaders today. Coaching skills are those abilities or know-how required to help others in achieving their desired goals. In the case of a leader or manager, coaching skills such as adequate support, empathy, active listening, positive feedback, follow up, motivational skills all help create a positive work environment for the employees.  It will help to improve the productivity levels and the quality of work. As a coaching professional, applying these practical coaching skills will help support clients, both professionally and personally.

How Does Coaching Skills Inventory by HRDQ Work?

HRDQ has been providing research-based assessments, simulations, and programs in practical formats since 1977.  Its clientele is made up mostly of trainers, facilitators, and coaches of any experience level. They are based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. 

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The Coaching Skills Inventory was created by Ken Phillips, founder, and CEO of Phillips Associates, a consulting and publishing company.  This assessment tool is the first step to effective coaching and establishing a rapport based on mutual trust, according to HRDQ.  To ensure a genuinely productive coaching meeting, leaders and managers need to follow a seven-step process:

  1. Building a relationship of mutual trust
  2. Opening the meeting
  3. Getting agreement
  4. Exploring alternatives
  5. Getting a commitment to act
  6. Handling excuses
  7. Closing the meeting

A Valuable Coaching Assessment Tool

The coaching skills inventory is designed explicitly for team leaders, supervisors, and managers.  It is used to:

  • Measure the ability to conduct effective coaching meetings and build productive relationships with employees. Individuals are presented with eighteen everyday coaching scenarios, and leaders will select the action response they are most likely to take.
  • Assess the coaching strengths and weaknesses of individual managers.
  • Reinforce performance coaching skills after a training event.
  • Examine the effect and results of training using pre- and post-training scores. Scoring the inventory produces an overall coaching-effectiveness profile. The subscores measure their skill level in each of the seven steps of the coaching meeting model process noted above.

The self-assessment takes approximately twenty minutes to complete. An additional minimum of forty minutes is required for the scoring, interpretation of results, debrief, and goal setting. A  follow-up assessment can be administered to measure progress post-training. Trainer certification is not required to facilitate the Coaching Skills Inventory.

The Coaching Skills Inventory is excellent as a stand-alone learning instrument or part of a more comprehensive training program. It’s appropriate for use with managers, supervisors, and team leaders. The Coaching Skills Inventory can also be used with prospective managers to prepare for their coaching responsibilities when promoted. This self-assessment resource is available in printed format and it includes the 18-item inventory with pressure-sensitive scoring, interpretive information, Coaching Skills Model, and goal-setting worksheets.

Are you ready to improve on your effectiveness as a team leader or manager? Are you prepared to become an engaging, supportive, empathetic, thoughtful, and motivating leader, the kind of leader every employee needs?  If you answered yes to these questions, then I will encourage you to seek out the Coaching Skills Inventory by HRDQ.  It works!

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