Coaching Skills Exercises to Improve Your Effectiveness as a Life Coach

Have you been wondering what type of coaching skills exercises are available to help improve your effectiveness as a life coach? Hopefully, the ones mentioned in this article will be of benefit to you.

Coaching Skills Exercises to Improve Your Effectiveness as a Life Coach

Coaching Skills

There are several coaching skills out there that can help you become an effective and successful life coach.

Be a Good listener – Demonstrate good listening skills. Ask open-ended questions and listen with curiosity. Your clients will be watching to see if you are fully paying attention to what they are saying. Listen without making assumptions and interrupting while they are speaking (unless in an emergency situation).

Be a Motivator – a plaque on the wall in my office says “AIM TO INSPIRE. ”It is one of the things that remind me of why I do what I do and to keep at it. Be a life coach who can motivate your clients with powerful words that inspires them to keep pressing on and not give up.

Be Non-Judgmental – Your role as a life coach is to help them get what they want, not what you think they should want. It is crucial for you to remain unbiased regardless of your beliefs or views.

Be Empathetic – Show empathy; it is one of the best skills you can have as a life coach.

Be Supportive – Offer continuous support throughout the coaching relationship. Positively challenge them with new possibilities and also offer reassurance when it is needed.

Be Timely – Be respectful of your clients’ time by arriving on time to every session ( be it face to face or via phone, video conferencing, etc.). It shows professionalism and also shows you value your clients.

Follow up – Check in with your clients once or twice a week to see how they are doing with the action steps, assignments or projects given.

What Coaching Skills Exercises Can Help Sharpen Your Coaching Skills?

We all know it is important to take care of our bodies and that is why we exercise, try to eat right and get adequate rest. How about our brains? Don’t we think they also need to stay healthy as well? When we constantly coach others with powerful questions, it is essentially like brain exercise, retaining skills and thought processes at optimal performance. And so these skills that we use day in and day out requires some brushing up, some improvement to be at an optimal level.

What are some activities that life coaches may do to sharpen the coaching skills they already possess to fulfill the needs of their clients? Let’s take a look at a couple of things:

1. Role-Playing: What better way to sharpen your coaching skills than to role play with colleagues, individuals who do the same thing you do. Role-playing provides practice in a “safe” environment according to Patrick Forsyth, the author of Improve Your Coaching and Training Skills. He goes further to state that the benefits of role-playing with your peers is that you will be able to develop more confidence in what you do, promote analytical skills through self-appraisal and observing others. The one I like the most is being able to fix negative habits and reinforce positive habits. Your colleagues/peers though it may be painful to hear, will tell you the truth.

2. Networking Events: Attending conferences, seminars and other events that allow you an opportunity to learn from other seasoned coaches or others who have the ability to empower and help you grow as a coach is an excellent opportunity. I recently attended a conference in Nashville, Tennessee, where they were life coaches, therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc. from around the world coming together to network and learn from one another. It was a great experience and a few of the workshops I attended was an eye-opener for me. It has transformed the way I do coaching.

3. Engage in active or deep listening during critical meetings. These meetings or gatherings can be of a personal or professional nature.

4. Support Group: Joining or creating coaching support or meet up groups in your area is a significant way to keep your motivation levels up, your skills sharp, and learn from other like-minded people.

Coaching skills exercises are great activities to enhance your performance as a life coach. The coaching field today is extremely competitive and if you want to remain relevant in the industry, you must be ready and willing to seek out activities that will enhance your overall effectiveness as a life coach.

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