Total Life Coaching 50+ Life Lessons – You Need This Book

Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance Your Practice…and Your Life is a book by Patrick Williams and Lloyd J. Thomas which should be on the bookshelf of every coach. It can help you take your coaching to a deeper level. It is filled with sample coaching conversations, coaching tools, exercises, and pearls of coaching wisdom.

Total Life Coaching 50+ Life Lessons
Total Life Coaching 50+ Life Lessons – Sergey Nivens ©

Who are the Authors?

Patrick Williams is a certified master coach and was one of the pioneers of the life coaching profession. He has written several books and is also a licensed psychologist. He became an executive coach in 1990, left therapy and devoted his career to coaching. He was a senior coach trainer at Coach U, opened his owned coaching school, and is currently department chair of the Coaching psychology program at the International University of Professional Studies. He continues to coach, speak, and teach in the fields of life and wellness coaching.

The co-author of Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons… is Lloyd J. Thomas. He is a life coach and a licensed psychologist. His professional skills include executive mentoring, relationship coaching, preventative healthcare education, achievement and success coaching, and personal/corporate transitional change. He has developed innovative seminars on creativity, wellness, success, self-esteem, leadership, and relationship enrichment.

50+ Life Lessons for Total Coaching Success

The book offers a collection of topics and provides a handy reference guide for coaches to improve their skills and move their practices forward. The 50+ subject areas are relevant to real-life issues and gives coaches a template for diverse coaching conversations.

Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons… is a valuable resource for coaches at all levels. It might be best for coaches just starting out or for those who have been practicing for only a few years, but there is something in it for everyone.

The book is written for coaches, but it can also be useful for self-coaching, as the title suggests. The title could be: Total Life Coaching 50+ Life Coaching Lessons. Though it’s meant for life coaches, the title suggests that there is also value for non-coaches.

Total Life Coaching 50+ Life Lessons – What’s Inside?

Here is a brief glimpse of what you can expect when you purchase this book:

  • What you believe about yourself defines who you are.
  • Conscious awareness is the key to successful lifestyle creation.
  • Your value system guides you toward success or failure.
  • Accurately identify your personal talents.
  • When you discover your life’s purpose, living becomes meaningful.
  • Honesty is a much greater achievement than always telling the truth.
  • Empathy is the most powerful and effective element in interpersonal relationships.
  • Without a vision of your desired future, you allow circumstances to create it for you instead of you creating it yourself.

This is merely a small sample of the 50+ life lessons (actually 52) in Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance Your Practice…and Your Life. It’s a great reference guide and tool for life coaches, all types of coaches, and individuals looking to improve their lives and find success and happiness.

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