Psychology Life Coaching

The Positivity of Positive Psychology Life Coaching

The influence of positive psychology life coaching is growing and becoming more relevant as coaches and clients seek new ways to reach goals. Life coaching is becoming more inclusive and redefining itself as it becomes more popular. New coaching models continue to push the coaching profession forward. Positivity is Better Than Negativity This statement seems like a no-brainer: positivity is better than negativity. However, being positive is more than just saying nice and encouraging things … [Read more...]

Why Certification in Coaching Matters?

What is Positive Psychology Life Coaching?

The field of coaching is still relatively new and is constantly evolving; positive psychology life coaching is one of the newer approaches in the coaching world. This approach borrows from psychological theory and adapts it to the dynamics of coaching. What is Positive Psychology? Positive psychology is the study of the conditions, behaviors, and processes that contribute to the optimal functioning of people and groups (organizations and companies). It uses data and scientific concepts to … [Read more...]

Putting the Psychology into Psychology Life Coaching

Psychology life coaching seeks to merge, to some degree, the fields of life coaching and psychology. Though there has always been a clear distinction between a coach and a psychologist, there is a new trend in coaching to put some psychology into life coaching. The Difference Between a Coach and a Psychologist The coach is dedicated to the belief that the client possesses their own answers. The role of the coach is to help clients see clearly and distinctly the correct action and right … [Read more...]

Psychology Life Coaching: Help Your Life Coaching Clients Access The Subconscious Mind

Your life coaching (psychology life coaching) clients need you to teach them how to tap into their greatest power: the subconscious mind.  For your psychology life coaching clients to access this power they must write down exactly what their goal is.  When your life coaching client writes down exactly what their goal is, that is the first step to accessing the subconscious mind to help them achieve the goal.  Your client’s subconscious mind attracts into their life people, ideas and resources in … [Read more...]