What is Positive Psychology Life Coaching?

The field of coaching is still relatively new and is constantly evolving; positive psychology life coaching is one of the newer approaches in the coaching world. This approach borrows from psychological theory and adapts it to the dynamics of coaching.

Psychology Life Coaching
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What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology is the study of the conditions, behaviors, and processes that contribute to the optimal functioning of people and groups (organizations and companies). It uses data and scientific concepts to contribute toward contentment and satisfaction.

This is exactly what life coaching does!

What is Positive Psychology Life Coaching?

Though it means different things to different people depending on their background, education, and vocation, it’s the combination of the science of psychology and the art of coaching.

It borrows from one field and combines it with the benefits of another field.

It takes functional people to a new level of success, satisfaction, and happiness.

Positive psychology life coaching uses the science of psychology and the processes that drive coaching to help people move from decent to good; from good to great; from great to optimal. It helps people flourish!

Life can be made better for all people, no matter where they are!

Martin Seligman, considered the father of positive psychology described it as “the study of what constitutes the pleasant life, the engaged life, and the meaningful life.”

Coaching is About What’s Right With People

Focus on the positive and not the negative!

Therapy and psychology has for years focused on what’s wrong with people. What disorders or diseases kept someone from achieving a specific measure of success. This works well when someone has a specific mental disorder or disease. However, it is fairly useless when someone is off sound mind, yet still not accomplishing what they want.

Coaching takes a different approach and focuses on what can be right with people. A positive psychology life coach takes this even further and focuses on what can be spectacular with people.

Strengths and Talents for Coaching Success

If we continue with this theme of what’s right with people, we end up with an individual’s strengths and talents. What does someone do well? What positive attributes do they have that can make them more successful, happier, and more fulfilled?

Positive psychology life coaching focuses on discovering a client’s strengths and talents while also emphasizing goals and action plans to incorporate those strengths and talents.

Life Coaching and Positive Psychology are the Same and Different

Life coaching is underscored by the belief that clients have the answers to create their own plans and reach their own goals. Positive psychology believes that scientific research has the answers for a large number of people.

Though they are different fields, the merge perfectly into one.

They both work with healthy people seeking improvement. They both focus on strengths and talents, and they both seek behavioral change and goal setting. They both work!

Positive psychology life coaching allows a practitioner to use both science and art to help clients reach goals and dreams.

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