Psychology Life Coaching: Help Your Life Coaching Clients Access The Subconscious Mind

Your life coaching (psychology life coaching) clients need you to teach them how to tap into their greatest power: the subconscious mind.  For your psychology life coaching clients to access this power they must write down exactly what their goal is.  When your life coaching client writes down exactly what their goal is, that is the first step to accessing the subconscious mind to help them achieve the goal.  Your client’s subconscious mind attracts into their life people, ideas and resources in harmony with their dominant thoughts.  It brings your life coaching client everything they need to succeed.  Let’s consider some psychology life coaching techniques to access this power.

Psychology Life Coaching:  Your Life Coaching Client’s Subconscious Mind Needs Clear Commands

Your psychology life coaching client’s subconscious mind is activated by clear commands.  A great way to give clear commands is through positive affirmations.  These affirmations are most effective when they are written and stated in the present tense.  Your life coaching client will say these statements to their subconscious mind through their language, body movement and by adopting beliefs in harmony with the affirmation.  Visualizing the affirmation coming true is also essential to getting your client’s subconscious mind to go to work for them.

Psychology Life Coaching:  The Subconscious Mind Of Your Life Coaching Client Works Continuously

The psychology life coaching secret most people don’t know is that the subconscious mind works 24 hours a day.  As long as your life coaching client’s goal is clear, their subconscious mind will continuously look for solutions.  The subconscious mind works best with a calm attitude and confident expectations.  This powerful force will always be instantly available to your life coaching client to help them reach any goal or solve any problem.  It could even lead them to solve financial problems, find their soul mate or guide them to anything else their heart desires.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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  1. Louise Clark says

    Thanks for great post.Life coaching and clinical psychology are often considered the polar opposites of each other and in many ways, are similar. While clinical psychology deals with prescribed treatment methods as well as diagnosable conditions, life coaching entails no such thing. In fact, life coaching has very few tangible rules, making it a vast and diverse field. Unlike clinical psychology, life coaching has more to do with empowering functional individuals rather than treating mental or emotional disorders.

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