Psychological Career Counseling

Finding a niche in the coaching field is becoming increasingly important as more people enter the field; an interesting and potentially rewarding niche to consider is psychological career counseling. Individuals training to be life coaches, career coaches, and executive coaches are making the coaching profession one very crowded place. That is why the search for a niche within the coaching industry is important to your own career success. Thinking of a good niche - how about psychological career … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching: a Growing Psychological Career? How a Coach Can Beat The Pants Off The Average Head Shrink

Think That Coaching Isn't a Psychological Career? Psychology coaching is a real profession, and a valid psychological career.  I'd like to come out of the closet right now.  I'm a psychology coaching expert.  I've never taken or completed a course in psychology, and never been certified as a counselor, but I still believe that I work in an industry made up of one psychological career after another. As coaches, we get a bad wrap in many ways, but we have really turned the world on its head … [Read more...]