Life Coach Fee Scandal: The Naughty Life Coaching Business

Scandals From The Top Life Coaches in The Life Coaching Business

Why are you reading this?

Do you want to earn a higher life coach fee, or are you starting a life coaching business? Are you just curious what ‘scandal’ I’m speaking of in the title?

Scandal has a lot to do with how a life coaching business can get more clients and begin to charge a higher life coach fee. Let me illustrate:

What do all these headlines have in common?

  • ‘Well-loved’ priest dead; police suspect homicide
  • Documents: Wife says balloon dad plotted hoax
  • Bank failures rise past 100 for 2009
  • Farmers sell wives to pay debts in rural India
  • Ice skating bear kills Russian circus staffer

They are all from CNN’s front page of their website, and they all use some form of SCANDAL to grab the attention of the reader. Scandal is about anything that would automatically grab your target market’s attention. In the general market of the news, that usually means death, lying, success and failure, money, sex, and conflict.

To Charge a High Life Coach Fee, You Need Your Client’s Attention

Most life coaches are running around hunting for business. Hunting for more life coaching business takes all your time, and it doesn’t create an environment where you can charge a high life coach fee.

The environment for a high life coach fee is one where you have a lot of hungry prospects wanting to work with you. There will always be a small percentage of a group that is willing and able to pay quite high fees for what you supply, and therefore, if you have a large enough group wanting your coaching, viola! You are now charging a higher and higher life coach fee.

Life Coaching Business is Naughty?

Scandal is only one way of getting your client’s attention, but the reason I brought it up here is that coaches are known as ‘purists;’in other words, they are IN LOVE with the coaching that they do and the last thing they want is to sully their craft with scandal or some other device to get people’s attention.

Many life coaches think using marketing or publicity tactics are ‘naughty’. If that’s you, you’ll need to change your mindset to get by as a coach, no matter how good you are.

Keys to a High Life Coach Fee: 3 Ways to Get Attention:

  1. Scandal
  2. Specific Benefit
  3. News (new information never offered before)

If you are willing to shock your client into giving you their attention, you’ll have lots of prospects following your blog or newsletter.

If you offer very specific benefits to your client (i.e. benefits that THEY want), then you’ll get their attention. Be careful not to be generic.

What do I mean by generic? Here’s an example:

If you’re looking to get chiropractors’ attention (you coach chiropractors on expanding their business), don’t just send out a headline that says: “How to Get More Business”. That’s a generic benefit that thousands of marketers are using. Those chiropractors see that headline probably every day. Use something more specific to chiropractors like: “The One Mistake That Costs Chiropractors 10 Clients Every Year”.

Information and up to date news is something that everyone wants, but just remember that news is only news when it is news to YOUR prospect. Make sure you ask yourself, “Does my prospect care about this information / news?”

Life Coaching Business Mistake: Squander The Attention of Good Prospects

Once you’ve got the attention, your work isn’t done. You’ve got to keep your readers’ interest and have them take some type of action so you can either sell them on your life coaching business or keep in future touch with them to cultivate the relationship. (You will, of course, see that there are several offers on this blog that encourage you to stay in touch with me, for instance.)

Attention is only one part of the game, but for many coaches in the life coaching business, it is one that they tend to miss. If you want to charge a higher life coach fee, then learn to attract attention of the right people like crazy, and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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