Three Tips for Efficient and Effective Group Coaching

Group coaching can leverage time and increase income. Sounds great. But, not if you sacrifice the quality of your clients’ coaching experience. Follow these tips and you can get the best of everything.

Don’t Let Your Clients Hide in the Crowd

Coaching clients are torn. They come to coaching to get personal help and attention. But since this is sometimes painful, they also like to duck when the spotlight comes their way.

One approach is to have a systematic way of working with your group. Don’t always ask for volunteers or let your “big talkers” dominate the conversation. If members of the group don’t want to get involved use light hearted humor to draw them out. Once you have engaged a reluctant member use simple questions that lead to deeper more personal questions.

Mix and Match in Your Coaching Group

By controlling the mix, group coaching can be much more productive. Consider including only women, only men, people of a certain age group, marrieds versus singles, people from a single area or job within a company, or people randomly selected from across the organization. Occasionally, restructure your group dividing it or blending two groups together for variety. This dynamic approach can add to the energy of the group, and encourage participants to feel more comfortable opening up.

Go Hybrid for the Ultimate in Group Coaching

Combining group and one-on-one sessions in a single program can give you the ultimate results. For example, you might have three sessions each month. During the first week, have a traditional group session. During the second and third weeks, have shorter one-on-one accountability sessions. These can be done by a few coaches so while each client has single accountability coach, you can lighten your load. If you like, you can add a guided mastermind session on the third week of the month, for added value and variety. The result is dynamic, interesting, impactful and efficient coaching, that is only possible with carefully planned group coaching!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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