Who is My Personal Weight Loss Coach?

What would I want from my personal weight loss coach? What attributes would you want in your personal weight loss coach?

My Personal Weight Loss Coach
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That’s a question anyone seeking the services of a weight loss coach should be asking. It is also a question new weight loss coaches should be asking themselves.

Think About What Your Clients are Looking for in a Coach

You need to find out what people in your target market are seeking if you want to attract and retain clients and succeed and prosper in the coaching industry.

Can you help them find the outcomes they are seeking? Do you present the image of the person they think can find them those outcomes? Ask yourself what you would be looking for if you were looking for a personal weight loss coach. Who would your coach be?

My Personal Weight Loss Coach – What Would I Look For?

It’s best to create a list of attributes and traits that would make you want to hire the coach. Weight loss coaching can be rather personal and intimate – people would certainly be looking for someone who fits their idea of an expert in the weight loss field.

So, I would create my fictional personal weight loss coach based on some or all of these attributes:

  • Trained. Educated in an accredited coaching program.
  • Additional training. If someone has been in business for a few years or longer, I would look for a pattern of continuing education – more classes, seminars, etc.
  • Talk the talk to walk the walk. Is my potential coach in shape? I would prefer someone who is in good shape – a role model.
  • Understands weight loss. Some people are naturally thin and haven’t dealt with weight loss issues. I would prefer, though it wouldn’t be a necessity, that my coach know how to deal with weight gain and how to change habits that result in weight loss.
  • Offer a free consultation. I would prefer to take a test drive before I buy, and I think others feel the same way.
  • Understand exercise as well as diet. For me, diet and exercise are the two important pillars of weight loss. I would prefer that my personal weight loss coach have an in depth understanding of exercise and working out.
  • Have an inspirational personality. I want someone who understands motivation and inspiration. Can they provide helpful hints and suggestions on my journey? Can they act as my cheerleader as well as my mentor?
  • Do they stress accountability? It is quite difficult to accomplish goals without accountability. One of the best things about a coach is that the client has someone with whom he or she must be accountable. Any coach who doesn’t stress this aspect of coaching is probably not doing their best for their clients.

A Weight Loss Coach Needs to be Flexible and Adaptable

My personal weight loss coach better keep up with changes and continually pursue education and training. The world of weight loss, fitness, and nutrition is constantly evolving, and I would want my coach to have the most updated coaching tools at his or her disposal.

A coach has to roll with the punches, adapt to the needs of different clients, and be flexible enough to try new things when old ones aren’t working.

What You Want in a Coach Will Help You Become the Coach Your Clients Want

By creating a fictional personal weight loss coach, I can more easily see what potential clients may be looking for. You can do the same. It will help you find more clients, keep more clients, and build a more prosperous business.

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