My Personal Fitness Coach Isn’t Worth a Damn!

The reason my fitness coach isn’t worth a damn is that I am my personal fitness coach! And if you aren’t getting the results that you need in various areas of your life, it is probably because you are not paying for and getting the professional coaching that you need. Paying for a coach is making an investment in yourself that will pay for itself over and over again. So just decide whether you are worth the investment or not, and stop screwing around.

Where My Personal Fitness Coach Lets Me Down

The problem is that my personal fitness coach feels just as tired as I do. He feels all the pain I feel. He has all the hunger pangs I have. He is just as quick to give up as I am. He has the same sense of urgency as I do – which, by the way, isn’t much.

He doesn’t believe that I can do one more sit up. And he is no more knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition than I am. The fact is that I am certain that the next time I meet my personal fitness coach at the gym, he will tell me how tough my week has been and let me off the hook, one more time. No wonder I am so over weight and out of shape!

You Need the Coaches that You Need

OK. So I fired my fitness coach, and I have hired a great one. I know because ever since I hired him I am in constant pain. But what about my personal financial coach? He’s a disaster. And how about my personal relationship coach? He is terrible too. I could fire the whole lot of my personal coaches, but then what do I do? The answer is that I would take a look at my life and identify all the areas where I could be doing a lot better. Then I would prioritize the list and see what options I have. For example, I might join a mastermind group to improve my business. I can hire a financial coach. And I can just “go slow” on the relationships until my financial coach can help me pay for a relationship coach.

Now if you don’t think it is worth having a few coaches to cover the key areas of your life, just think of Tiger Woods. Sure he had a coach for his golf swing, but how many millions of dollars would it have been worth for him to have had a relationship coach!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. Karen says

    Hiring a personal fitness coach or another type of coach to help you in your daily struggles is one of the best advices that been given to me. Sometimes we just cannot do things on our own and need the help of others. Now before it is too late let us hire our own coach!

  2. Kazee says

    Before we sink our teeth into that delicious looking chocolate bar, let us call for help. Yes we need help and a personal fitness coach will do the job. Thanks for the great article. I understand how it feels to think that we can do it on our own but have a hard time managing.

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