Qualities of My Personal Fitness Coach

If I had a fitness coach, what qualities would I want in my personal fitness coach? How would I want them to look, act, and coach? What knowledge would I want them to possess? What training?

My Personal Fitness Coach
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Why am I asking these questions?

Are You Thinking of Becoming a Fitness Coach?

If you are thinking of becoming a fitness coach, a great exercise is to think of what you would want in a coach. This can help you formulate your training plan and analyze your own personality to see if you fit your own ideal fitness coach.

That’s why I started this article asking those questions. If you are planning a career, or even a side hustle as a personal fitness coach, these are great questions to ask.

My Personal Fitness Coach

Here is what I would want in my personal fitness coaching expert – my ideal fitness coach!

In good shape. It really doesn’t work to have someone out of shape be a fitness coach. Be a role model – get in shape before you begin your career.

Fit My demographic. At first thought, I might want an extremely attractive and sexy twenty-something woman be my personal fitness coach (though my wife might not approve), but with some clear thinking, I would rather have someone who is closer to my demographic, especially my age, to help me get in shape. They would have a better understanding of how the older body works, and how much harder it is to get in shape when you’re fifty instead of twenty.

Knowledgeable of all things fitness. I don’t want someone to just show me how to lift weights or use the machines at the gym. It would also be ideal if they also knew about all forms of exercise, from yoga to Pilates, from cycling to stretching. Even if they don’t work with me in these alternate forms of exercise, it would be great to have discussions and learn from them.

Knowledgeable of diet and nutrition. I’m not expecting an expert, but diet and nutrition are so closely linked with exercise that a lack of knowledge in these areas would be a significant issue. It’s hard to get in shape or significantly alter your body without an improvement in diet and nutrition, so my personal fitness coach needs to be knowledgeable in these areas.

Be Engaging and Conversational. A personal fitness coach needs to have a fun, lively personality. They should be able to carry a conversation. They should also be able to engage their clients with humor, knowledge, and activity.

Your Fitness Coach May be Different

I just describe what I would seek out in my personal fitness coach. Though your ideal fitness coach may be different, you can probably describe them within the context of the categories I used above.

Decide Who You Want to Coach

Figure out what target market you want to work with, and then do a little self-analysis to see if you could be their ideal fitness coach. Or, do the self-analysis first and see which target group you might fit.

It’s important to ask these questions before you embark on your fitness coaching career. They help you determine what training you need, your target market, and what personal attributes you to need to emphasize or enhance.

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