3 Tips For Coaching Time Management I Learned From My Kids

Most tips for coaching are a dime for a dozen these days, but these time management coaching tips I learned from my kids are priceless. Even if you don’t have kids, awaken the child within and see how you can get more out of your day. Tips For Coaching That Kids Learn Before Kindergarten 1. Get 10 Results by 10am: My kids wake up early, jump out of bed, and get into action immediately. The old saying, “The early bird catches the worm” was right. Most people wake up, putz around for awhile, … [Read more...]

Accountability Coaching Tips: Tips for Coaching People to Take Action Toward Their Goals

One of the biggest challenges coaches face is getting their clients to take action toward their goals; these coaching tips will help you hold your clients accountable.  Each of these tips for coaching lay the foundation to truly be effective in getting people to do what they know they need to do. Tips For Coaching: Realize Most Clients Will Try to Get Away With Doing Less than They are Capable of Doing Coaching Tips #1:  Realize that most people are sandbaggers when it comes to committing … [Read more...]