3 Tips For Coaching Time Management I Learned From My Kids

Most tips for coaching are a dime for a dozen these days, but these time management coaching tips I learned from my kids are priceless. Even if you don’t have kids, awaken the child within and see how you can get more out of your day.

Tips For Coaching That Kids Learn Before Kindergarten

1. Get 10 Results by 10am: My kids wake up early, jump out of bed, and get into action immediately. The old saying, “The early bird catches the worm” was right. Most people wake up, putz around for awhile, check emails, have a second cup of coffee, and by the time they get started it’s almost time for lunch. The moral of this coaching tip is to have a list of what things are most important, get into action right away and create momentum.

2. Don’t Check Email Until Noon: Minimize screen time. Tips for coaching kids to do well in school suggest we tell our kids to do this, but what do we practice what we preach? Too many people are addicted to email and spend most of their productive day allowing interruptions to take them off track from the results they need to productive. They react to those things others are asking them to do instead of creating their own destiny. Start your day instead with focusing on what you know is most important, then when you do check your emails you are able to do it more quickly and effectively having gained some momentum.

3. Prospect At Least 2 Hours A Day: Kids are naturals at finding new things to do. Unfortunately some business owners spend the whole day taking care of existing business. Your business can’t grow if you are not getting new clients. And as they say, if you’re not growing you’re dying. This would be one of the obvious tips for coaching business owners, but what about relationship coaching? What would happen to your clients’ lives if they spend deliberate time on a daily basis putting energy into their spouse, or getting out into the dating market, or sharing an outing with a loved one?

We all have the same number of hours in a day. We are all busy. These tips on coaching are highly effective solutions to help your clients get more out of there day, yet simple enough that even a child can teach us.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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