Use Your Coaching Mentor Skills to Coach the Coaches

Do you have some mad mentor skills? If you think you are an awesome mentor, why not consider ramping up your coaching business and start coaching the coaches?

Mentor Skills
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Coaches Need Coaching

With the industry growing at a rapid pace, more coaches will need the right training and help to sharpen their coaching skills and competencies. These coaches will need to take accredited coaching programs, attend seminars for new skills and training, and hire mentor coaches to help them enhance and improve their knowledge and skills.

Why Do Coaches Need Coaching?

Coaching is good for everyone, including coaches. Here are a few reasons why coaches need coaching and mentoring:

  • Coaches need and deserve someone to listen to them. Being listened to by a coach is different that being listened to by a friend. Mentor coaches, who are often master coaches are also extremely skilled at listening.
  • Being coached reminds you what it’s like to be coached. Sometimes it’s good to be on the other end of things – the coach becomes the coached. It provides you with a fresh perspective and may offer insight into a client’s needs and a little additional insight into your own skills as a coach. A mentor coach with highly developed mentor skills can offer what no class can provide – a first-hand look at how skills and knowledge is applied in a real-world coaching situation.
  • Being coached is a learning process. Having a mentor coach is like going to class. Their mentoring skills can help you become a better coach. Instead of attending a seminar or taking more classes, hire a mentor coach to help you grow and learn.

Are You a Successful Coach?

Coaching the coaches isn’t for an inexperienced coach. To be a successful mentor, you need to have experience in the field of coaching. You need a body of training and experience to be able to apply it in a mentor-coach relationship. Your mentor skills will be supported by your past mistakes successes, and experiences with clients and with coaching as a business.

Most coaches don’t start out great – like fine wine, they get better with time. Once you have gotten better, even great, then you can start coaching the coaches.

What Your Mentor Skills Can Do for Other Coaches

As a mentor coach, you can help other coaches in many ways:

  • Understand the basics of social media platforms, and why it is vital to build a social media presence that makes you visible.
  • Understand how to run a business. You can be the best coach in the world, but if you can’t operate a business and promote that business, you probably won’t be successful.
  • How to adapt tried and true coaching techniques to different situations. There are hundreds of coaching techniques and models that have been used successful over the years. Good coaches know how to tweak the tools and exercises to fit different clients and situations.
  • Use your mentor skills to guide a new coach from the beginnings of their career to the establishment of a foundation for success.

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